SNS Push Notification With Django Rest Framework

Push notification is a web service provided by the amazon, SNS stands for simple notification services, it is used to send notification on a different type of device like ios, android etc., good thing about SNS is it is platform agnostic implementation so no need to change code even if Google or Apple changes the apis, i also like to add one more point is that it is highly scalable so there is no need to create infrastructure for million or even billion push messages, AWS will take care and also it sends notification worldwide.

I will explain the SNS push notifications implementation in simple way, I will mention the points below to use SNS

  • Library required to add SNS to your project
  • Setup connectivity
  • Device registration
  • Sending push notification
  • Device deregistration

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1. Library Required To Add Sns To Your Project

Library required to implement sns push notification is django-sns-mobile-push-notification.

pip install django-sns-mobile-push-notification

2. Setup Connectivity

To set up connectivity you need aws credentials,using aws you required access_key and secret key with region name and to get the application arn you need create platform application and then you needs to add this details to of your project and You will required same arn for ios and can refer following images to know about arn and how to create platform application.

Add code snippet in =>

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = “************”
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY= “************”


Now you are connection established successfully and you ready to go for third step i.e. device registration

3. Device Registration

Device registration is the main task in sns registration, device registration is the process of registering token which is taken in the request with the os type,firstly we need to create Device object to register a token for that import Device from sns_mobile_push_notification.models

  • Create a Device object
device = Device()
  • Assign the token
device.token = “ ************”
  • You can choose device type for Android use 1 and for IOS use 2
device.os = 1

After assigning the values you can save the values
  • Last step is registration of that token
  • And to make sure whether it is enabled or not and ready to use, we have to use

Now the device is successfully registered and we are ready to send the notification to the registered device. after successfully registration you will see the registered token with enabled status and arn.

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4. Sending Push Notification

Parameters required for sending push notification are device object,notification type,text, json data and title for the notification, so you can use this method on an event where you want to trigger the notification then the last step of sns push notification is deregistration of device.

  • sns function to send notifications
send_sns_push_notification_to_device sns method(device = device,
notification_type=”notification type”,
text=”text data”,

title=”notification title”)

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5. Device Deregistration

The last step of sns is deregistration of device it means we have to deregister the token on logout of the device. each time when device logout we have to deregister token for that we have to get device id in the request so that we can deregister device of that id, you can use the following method to deregister device tokens


Code Snippet

from sns_mobile_push_notification.models import device
from sns_mobile_push_notification.tasks import register_device,
refresh_device ,
send_sns_push_notification_to_device sns method,

def sns_push_notification():
device = Device()
device.token =“ ************”
device.os = 1
send_sns_push_notification_to_device sns method(device = device,
notification_type=”notification type”,
text=”text data”,
title=”notification title”)


Amazon SNS is used to send notifications on multiple platforms in a simple way and also no need to change code after changing platforms. It is more secure to send push notifications than other services.

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