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What You’ll Learn

  • Current and future trends in Chatbot market
  • Most popular Chatbot building platforms
  • Industries that will benefit the most from Chatbots
  • Whether Chatbots will replace humans and mobile apps in coming times
  • Market catalysts, market restraints, and their impact on the market growth
  • The most popular Chatbots

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Survey Highlights

The study focuses on understanding the current state of Chatbot Market and it’s future outlook. The objective is to understand and forecast industry trends and business sentiments.

This survey was conducted over the period of Nov 2019 – Jan 2020. 300+ individuals participated from wide array of industries including Online Retail, Aviation, Logistics, Supply Chain, e-commerce, Hospitality, Education, Technology, Manufacturing and Marketing & Advertising.

In-depth data analysis is done with Graphs, Pie-Charts and data tables. We tried our best to derive the most accurate results and crystal clear trends.

The research is conducted by Mindbowser in association with Mindbowser is a major Chatbots solutions provider offering it’s services across multiple industries. is the most active online community of Chatbot experts and enthusiasts.

Who should download ?

  • Industry Investors looking for opportunities
  • Businesses thinking to build a Chatbot
  • Chatbot Developers
  • Messaging Platforms Vendors
  • Technology Bloggers
  • End-Users

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