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How To Create An On-demand App Like TaskRabbit

From sorting out groceries to getting your house cleaned, almost all products and services now have applications to facilitate them. These applications are like the one-stop solutions for all needs, big or small. One such popular, on-demand service provider application is TaskRabbit. This application bridges the gap between potential customers and freelance talent who wish to provide any required services.

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile platform that meets local demand for freelance labor, enabling customers to find immediate assistance for regular activities, including washing, repairing, cleaning, and other handyman jobs. They are responsible for finding competent and trusted people to deal with the customers’ household tasks. TaskRabbit offers a variety of options related to budget and monetary considerations for the customers to choose from. This application is also famous for guaranteeing the happiness it promises to give to its customers. According to this unique feature, if any of its customers is not happy with the service, it supports it’s with upto $1 million insurance.  This application acts as a magic wand for people who have busy lives. It is an easy way through which people can get their routine tasks done at their fingertips.

TaskRabbit involves tasks and services that are directly home related. The application communicates with freelancers, household task firms, agencies, etc., who can view the jobs posted by the customers, accept and approve the job, and pass it on to the company’s employees or any worker who wishes to take up the same. TaskRabbit has its own set of services and solutions that it offers, which mainly revolve around your household.

How TaskRabbit Works?

TaskRabbit is one of the leading marketplaces for providing home services on-demand. TaskRabbit helps customers have immediate assistance to perform regular activities, such as washing, handyman jobs, cleaning and moving. All users of TaskRabbit are classified into two categories or segments. The client-side or the TaskPosters and the customer-side, including the TaskDoers.


This segment of the users is those who need to get work done. These clients fill-up the form of employment on the application and highlight all of their specifications related to the tasks and services they require. While posting the task’s details, you need to mention the date and the time by when you need the task to be completed. From the perspective of the TaskPoster, the application is built to post jobs and search for appropriate professionals to do the task. The clients can view various details about the TaskDoer, including their experience, qualifications, and others.


This constitutes the second segment of the application users who wish to offer their services on a freelance basis. These users are directly allocated jobs based on their profile and the job specification posted by the TaskPosters. This application is used to talk directly to the experts, to know their availability and charges on that specific date and time.

TaskPosters post a job after which TaskRabbit recommends three suitable TaskDoers based on their hourly rates and experience. Immediately the three candidates are notified about the task. To maintain quality and efficiency, TaskRabbit runs rigorous background checks on all TaskDoers. A TaskDoer may approve or reject the suggested job based on its availability and convenience. The procedures regarding payments start immediately after the completion of the task. Moreover, after completing the job, the TaskPoster can even rate the service and the service provider. There are other features like promo codes, support chats, user profiles, coupons, and so much more to keep the application interactive and attractive.

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Growth Strategies For On-demand Home Services


Understanding Consumer Needs

For any organization, clients are paramount. Using market surveys, polling, and product reviews, you get a detailed analysis and understanding of consumer needs. A specific aim or target accelerates your company’s growth. By delivering quality resources for everyday activities and arranging specialist services, the pain of consumers is reduced. Home Services such as washing, TV installing, smart device installation, and many other services are sold on demand. A high degree of consumer satisfaction is obtained through these processes. So, once you understand the market and the needs and requirements of the target prospects, you can establish a niche in the market.

Timely Delivery Of Services

After understanding the requirements of the customers’ needs, timely delivery of the solutions becomes crucial. Nowadays, it is essential to provide your service at or before the promised time to be considered predictable. The organization should have a framework or structure in a manner that is capable of delivering the promised services in the required time frame. For the same, an efficient and effective operations set-up is a must. The brand is immediately prompted for the provision of required services within the quality standards and in time.

Understanding Competitors

You need to understand the industry and the different players it comprises. You need to know where they come from and how their attitude towards things is like. The industry is a mix of freelancers, large and small manufacturers, so it becomes essential to understand the supply chain. Understanding rivals and the supply chain is equally critical for understanding the needs of the consumer for each company. An in-depth understanding of these would allow you to gain more insight into your corporate strategy. Your rivals would help you quickly understand the trends existing in the marketplace. You will meet your customers in the fastest possible way by leveraging your supply chain.

Future Of On-demand Home Services

To give a short answer, VERY BRIGHT! The future of on-demand home services is very bright. The reason for the same is very obvious when looked upon critically. TaskRabbit-like applications are likely to grow in the future because services offered by TaskRabbit are required in households on a routine basis; with busy lifestyles and expanding societies, getting jobs done conveniently and quickly would be a silver lining. Above all, the process of finding an available efficient service provider would make up for the primary concern. This is where TaskRabbit’s applications would provide a platform for the client and the service provider to meet.

A steady increase in mobile penetration and faster internet is giving birth to new imaginative ways to do the same things. Users heavily rely on the internet to find talented professionals who can assist them across a wide variety of tasks. The need for services like TaskRabbit is meant to get bigger and better as we move towards a more technologically advanced future. This also extends to other programs like food, groceries, laundry, surveillance, beauty services, etc.

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One thing is very clear from the above discussion that the effort put in to develop an application like TaskRabbit would not go waste. All information and details discussed above are proof that the future of getting things done is only through on-demand home service providers like TaskRabbit. If you wish to develop a similar application, Mindbowser can be a one-stop solution for all your application development needs. The technical experts at Mindbowser are well-equipped with all the requirements and methodology of the processes.

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