Best RPA Tools In 2022

Increasing competition in almost all sectors of the corporate world seems to be a vicious circle! The unending and ever-increasing battle to reach the top keeps ongoing. The race just got better with the various trends and tools of digital transformation. This is where RPA and the best RPA tools come into the equation.

The RPA software has been a game-changer for the corporate sector. RPA bots can reduce and even eliminate the need for human labor in rules-based activities. The article provides an outstanding RPA tools list.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be defined as software that can help organizations automate business processes or tasks and reduce the need for human resources to do repetitive tasks. RPA makes it possible to build, manage and deploy software programmes that can do tasks in place of humans by interacting with digital systems and softwares.

Benefits Of RPA

  • Using RPA leads to increased productivity and efficiency

RPA tools can help in automating manual tasks that consume a significant amount of energy but do not require many skills which can help the employees to focus on other tasks that need their attention. RPA not only allows the team to be more productive but also improves their efficiency by automating tasks which helps in improving the overall output of the team and the organization.

  • High Employee Engagement

Automation of tasks using RPA increases employee engagement and allows them to avoid repetitive tasks and focus on the important and complex tasks that need to be done. Forrester research shows that companies who used automation tools and softwares have seen a 57% higher engagement rate from their employees.

  • Fewer Chances Of Errors

Automation is not only efficient but also avoids errors that a human can easily overlook. RPA works faster and handles mundane tasks accurately and efficiently. It increases the overall productivity of the organization and also reduces the volume of work and overhead costs.

  • Cost-Effective And Efficient

The use of the combination of RPA technology not only increases the efficiency of the work in an organization but also reduces costs. With RPA work processes can be speeded up, tasks can be done in less time, and employees can achieve more. Automation can run anytime, even during off-hours and complete mundane tasks which can help the employees in doing their work at a much faster rate and boost the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization. 

Top 10 Best RPA Tools

Let’s explore the list of RPA tools in the market which are trending and transforming the industry

Best RPA Tools | Mindbowser

1. Blue Prism

Blue Prism is known to deliver the world’s most successful and fortunate digital workforce. It makes the business processes quick and cost-efficient by automating the routine, manual, repetitive office processes. Bringing in ease, it provides a design similar to a flowchart that allows you to drag and drop in order to automate the processes. Due to the coherent nature of the tool, this tool can be used on any platform irrespective of the size of the company.

This is an extremely user-friendly tool supplemented with an improved control room for the provision of real-time analysis and feedback.

The tool also provides other sets of benefits like high-speed execution, platform independence and secured implementation of network and software credentials. Moreover, it supports a dynamic, multi-environment deployment model that makes processes effortless and uncomplicated.

2. UiPath

One of the best RPA tools that are not just popular but also come bearing various features and benefits is UiPath. It’s a user-friendly tool that can be applied by non-developers, too, as it can manage any kind and any number of processes regardless of the complexity of the processes.

In tacit terminals or cloud environments, Uipath can be hosted, allowing global companies to design and deploy a robotic workforce for their industry as per their varied needs and requirements. It also provides support, including mobile and desktop applications, for a wide variety of applications to work with.

It also provides the functionality of Auto-login to run the bots. All core capabilities are supported by UiPath. Assistance is rendered for Citrix, which helps in quicker automation.

Here, the process of automation is eight to ten times faster than Citrix. By managing passwords, making encryption and access controls dependent on the assignment, UiPath implements protection too.

3. Automation Anywhere

Next on the list of RPA automation tools is Automation Anywhere. This tool is a leader in the Robotic Process Automation software as it provides all core capabilities.

RPA software tools empower consumers with software bots that perform routine and manual activities to automate end-to-end business processes, resulting in significant efficiency improvements and business stability with a payback of less than one year on average.

In order to help companies easily begin and scale their process automation journey, the company provides the industry’s leading web-based and cloud-native intelligent automation platform integrating RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics straight from the box. With more than 1,000 pre-built, intelligent automation solutions, its Bot Store is the first and largest marketplace in the world.

Automation Anywhere has deployed over 2.4 million bots with a global network of 2,000 partners to serve some of the world’s biggest companies across all industries.

Mindbowser is a Recognized Automation Anywhere (AA), Partner

With Automation Anywhere, Mindbowser offers a web-based and cloud-native intelligent automation platform combining RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and analytics right out of the box to help organizations rapidly start and scale their process automation journey.

Mindbowser and Automation Anywhere offer intelligent digital workforce solutions for many industries, giving an enterprise-grade process automation program for shared services like quote-to-cash, procure-to-pay, human resource administration, and different back-office processes.

We partnered with Automation Anywhere to deliver customized Robotic Process Automation solutions that reduce human interference and increase productivity.

4. Pega

Pegasystems’ automation platform supports all usage scenarios. Pega is a Business Process Management platform that consolidates an architecture based on a framework for business rule management and a predictive analytics decision management mechanism.

It will allow you to deploy your solutions to clients. In a database, it does not store any execution data, ideally, everything is stored in the memory. It can be used on desktop servers. It only offers solutions or services that are cloud-based. It is capable of running on Windows, Linux and Mac.

For medium and large companies, this tool is absolutely necessary. You can also delegate the job to your laptop, server, and employees with this tool. Actionable information assists you to automatically detect processes to optimize. Capture the desktop’s perspectives. It offers detailed knowledge of how work is performed.

5. Contextor

For front offices of any scale, this instrument is precise. It provides cloud and on-premise services. It works well for all workstation applications. Contextor is a solution for robotic process automation that provides full customer views, online assistance and shares data within two or more applications.

Contextor can communicate in parallel with all workstation programs as well as with the applications that are reduced. It supports a hybrid virtualization environment for Citrix and RDP. Reports and analytics are given. Automate real-time functions ensures the right sequencing of assignments. Collecting and maintaining a contextual collection of knowledge provides qualitative aid. The unit also observes the procedures carried out on the workstation.

6. Jacada

Jacada RPA is for the development of customer facilities, contact centers, and experiences. Jacada has taken on the enormous features of RPA and desktop automation for client services.

It helps to improve precision, satisfaction with customers, and productivity. It makes it possible for enterprises to automate time-consuming and error-prone, redundant activities. Automated processes are treated with the greatest possible precision and unparalleled versatility. Your organization’s decreased Average Handling Time and helps you boost the settlement of first calls.

7. WinAutomation

WinAutomation is the genuine desktop automation tool in the world and provides an efficient, stable and easy-to-use Windows-based software robot creation platform. WinAutomation brings to your desktop the advantages of Robotic Process Automation.

WinAutomation lets you minimize costs and increase the overall speed and efficacy of company procedures. It allows Windows-based applications to be the most efficient, stable and easy use tool, enabling you to automate routine and monotonous tasks.

This tool is the world’s best desktop automation tool and it provides a power-packed, robust and easy-to-use Windows-based platform for building and creating software robots.


The NICE RPA tool is defined as the Virtual Attendant NEVA-Nice Employee. It is a clever tool and allows workers to perform routine tasks. NICE is a solution for cloud and on-site business applications. This RPA tool lets all companies draw firm and precise conclusions based on high-level structured and unstructured data analytics.

It offers automation of attended and unattended servers. It will help you simplify ordinary activities, adhere to enforcement and up-sell. This system is designed for back-office workers, finance, the HR department, etc.

It incorporates solutions based on the cloud and on-premise. It enhances customer loyalty and increases efficiency. It encourages greater use of capital and enables the workforce to concentrate openly on high-value operations.

9. Kryon

The next RPA tool is Kryon. It has three automation solutions. Hybrid, Attended, and Unattended. An ingenious method is an unattended solution and can take decisions. The instrument given gives you speed, precision, and productivity at work.

The blend of attended and unattended automation is called hybrid automation. It operates on the cutting edge of RPA technology, fostering creativity in the exploration of processes being automated.

It is a device that is scalable. It makes the computer for recording. Allows you to understand all of the activities for time and cost reduction that can be streamlined and enables businesses to perform their tasks with greater speed, precision and productivity. Supports you in automating all of your time-consuming and routine business processes and increases performance at all levels of the business processes.


Kofax can basically work with any program. For this instrument, coding skills are not required. It is able to process any website, desktop application, and portal info. The most powerful way of collecting, enhancing and delivering information from any application or data source is Kofax robotic process automation. This entails a web application without any coding, portals, desktop apps, and business systems.

It effectively does monotonous activities. The intelligent instrument for process control and optimization. From a computer, it can be done centrally. Easy to mix with the Kapow Katalyst platform. Automating Data Collection and input lets you remove errors. Smart Software Robots Improve Operational Efficiency. Robotic Process Intelligence Processes track and optimize. Robots from a centralized server deploy, manage and execute the activities by means of built-in intelligence of analytics and processes.

Robotic Process Automation Consulting Services

Why Mindbowser For RPA Services?

Our Robotic Process Automation Consulting Services can help companies of all sizes integrate technologies like ML and AI along with RPA to transform the traditional business workflow. We offer end-to-end RPA services that help our clients enhance productivity, improve scalability, and reduce operational costs.

Robotic Process Automation Services | MindBowser
Robotic Process Automation Services | MindBowser


In addition to our thorough comparison of each tool here, Blue Prism is the best tool, but before using it, you should be qualified and the preparation is also expensive. Also, for non-developers, the UiPath is simple to use. It offers the same versatility, and it also supports small-scale industries.

Contextor is the perfect choice for workstation applications since they have a specialty in it. Through the above discussion, it is what our opinion has formed by the best RPA tools.

You would probably not agree with our perspective here because, with the varied needs and requirements of the organizations, the opinion regarding the usage and implementation of these tools would change.

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