How Web Scraping Can Be Extremely Advantageous For Real Estate Tech?

Web scraping is the process of extracting publicly available information online. Also, this process is known as web harvesting or web data extraction. This article will discuss real estate web scraping, its process, and how it can be advantageous for real estate tech.

Every Real Estate Business Needs Scraping Solutions

The competitive real estate market is surrounded by information influencing potential investment opportunities and returns. Information is critical. This is where web scraping helps to find data to make better data-backed decisions.

Web scraping in the real estate industry can help extract data for contact information, property listings, reviews, etc., which can be a crucial advantage for a real estate company.

Web Scraping Process: Step by Step

Web Scraping Process | Mindbowser
Fig: Web scraping process
  • Step 1: Look for the website you wish to scrape

To extract information, find the website that might have it.

  • Step 2: Inspect the page

The information is usually nested in tags. To inspect a page, it is important to find where the data you are looking for is nested.

  • Step 3: Find the data you want to extract

Spot and look out for the information you want to extract.

  • Step 4: Write the code

You would be required to write a function to access the data repeatedly.

  • Step 5: Run the code & extract the data

Run the above-written code and extract the data.

  • Step 6: Store the data extracted

After the extraction of the data, store it in the required format.

Want to know in detail? Check our step-by-step Web Scraping Process.

Benefits Of Web Scraping To The Real Estate Industry

Benefits of Web Scraping For Real Estate | MindbowserSome benefits of web scraping are mentioned below:

  • Improvisation Of Solutions

With scraping solutions, extraction of all relevant and current information becomes effortless. With all data available to you, you can use the data to further your market intelligence and build better solutions.

  • Managing Reviews

Web scraping helps you manage your business reputation. It becomes easier to find reviews about your brand through the process. Along with finding the reviews, it also allows you to take care of the same in time.

  • Better Online Engagement

With web scraping, you can dig through all the information available to a particular topic to make your content stand out. This would help you to stay ahead in this competitive market.

  • Easy Tracking Of Competitors

Scraping services help companies keep track of the different strategies a company’s competitors use. This helps you to frame your strategies better and effectively gives you an edge over others.

  • Faster Speed To Market

With scraping, you can build data sets faster, which could be pretty handy when launching a listing platform or even analyzing real estate. Even the data sets can be a convenient input to further business intelligence and data analytics.

  • Helps In Better Business Predictability

Web scraping becomes trouble-free to find data about buyers and sellers and the ideal pricing. With the extraction of all relevant information, you can serve your needs better.

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Best Practices & Guidelines For Web Scraping

  1. Be Transparent: Use standard means to gather data. Do not use deceptive means to gain access.
  2. Use The Scraped Data Responsibly: Republishing scraped data somewhere else can lead to breaking laws. Hence, it’s better to go through the ‘Terms of Service page of the client’s website.
  3. Scrape During Off-peak Hours: It is always better to scrape during off-peak hours as the traffic on the website would be moderately low during those hours and help in the improvement of the speed of the crawlers.
  4. Do Not Follow The Same Crawling Pattern: Multiple websites use various anti-scraping technologies that can get your spiders detected if they keep on crawling in a similar pattern for a long time. Hence, it is always better to keep changing the spiders’ crawling patterns.
  5. Use Rotating IPs And Proxy Services: Using rotating IPs and Proxy services is a better practice as it would save your spider from getting blocked.

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Why Mindbowser For Real Estate Web Scraping Solutions?

You can always look out for professional services in web scraping. Mindbowser is known for delivering superior website scraping, website crawling, and web data extraction services.

The tech experts at Mindbowser rely upon advanced algorithms to provide well-structured and updated data per the needs and preferences. The scraping services combine unique technology and techniques that make the process effortless and efficient providing the best to the customers.

With its reliable, affordable and effective web scraping services, Mindbowser becomes a one-stop solution for all your scraping needs.



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For your business benefit, we offer real estate web scraping, finding important and crucial data that matters becomes the ultimate key. The tedious process of data collection and extraction can be automated to make your life easy. With the above-discussed benefits and best practices, you know web scraping is the way for you!

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