Exploring React Easy Sort: Uses, Implementation, and Advantages

In today’s web world, making websites easy to use means letting people easily move things around on the screen. React Easy Sort is like a helpful tool that makes it easier for developers to add this moving feature, especially when it comes to putting things in order on the screen.

This blog post is like a guidebook that explains everything about React Easy Sort. We’ll start by talking about what is React Easy Sort, look at its main job, and see how it makes the hard job of letting things be moved around on the screen much simpler. We’ll even show you a detailed example of how to use React Easy Sort in your project, guiding you through each step to make sure your website works smoothly and reacts well to users.

So, instead of getting lost in complicated details, we’re here to help you understand React Easy Sort in a simple way. Whether you’re a new developer or have been building websites for a while, this blog post is like your friend, explaining how React Easy Sort works and making it easy for you to use it in your own projects.

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What is React Easy Sort?

React Easy Sort is a React library that enables easy drag and drop functionality for reordering UI elements. It provides a set of components and hooks that handle the complex logic behind drag and drop interactions, allowing developers to focus on the visual aspects and customization of the reorderable elements.

How to Use React Easy Sort for Ordering & Drag Drop?

Certainly! Here are the detailed steps on how to use React Easy Sort for ordering UI elements by drag and drop:

1. Install the Necessary Dependencies:

  • Use npm or yarn to install the `react-easy-sort` package in your project.
  • Open your terminal and run the command: `npm install react-easy-sort`.

2. Import the Required Components and Hooks:

  • In your React component file, import the necessary components and hooks from the `react-easy-sort` library.
  • You need to import `SortableContainer` and `SortableElement` from `react-easy-sort`.

3. Create a Sortable Container:

  • Create a sortable container component that wraps around the elements you want to make sortable.
  • The `SortableContainer` component acts as the container for the sortable elements.
  • You can use an existing HTML element (such as a `<div>`) or create a custom component to wrap the sortable elements.

4. Create Sortable Elements:

  • Inside the `SortableContainer` component, create sortable elements using the `SortableElement` component.
  • Each sortable element represents an individual item that can be reordered.
  • Pass the necessary props to each `SortableElement`, such as an index and the value to display.

5. Implement the onSortEnd callback:

  • Define an `onSortEnd` callback function that will be triggered when the user finishes dragging and dropping an element.
  • This function receives an object containing the `oldIndex` (original position) and `newIndex` (new position) of the reordered element.
  • Inside the `onSortEnd` callback, you can update the state or perform any necessary actions based on the new order.

6. Use the SortableContainer Component in Your Application:

  • Finally, use the `SortableContainer` component in your application, placing it where you want the sortable elements to be rendered.
  • Render the sortable elements within the `SortableContainer` component, passing the necessary props such as index and value.
  • You can also provide other optional props to customize the appearance and behaviour of the sortable elements and container.

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Implementation Code for React Easy Sort

implementation code for react easy sort

Advantages of React Easy Sort

✅ Easy implementation: React Easy Sort simplifies the complex logic of drag and drop interactions, making it straightforward to incorporate reordering functionality into your application.

✅ Customization options: The library provides various customization options to style and configure the appearance and behaviour of the sortable elements and container, ensuring seamless integration with your application’s design.

✅ Accessibility: React Easy Sort is built with accessibility in mind, allowing users who rely on assistive technologies to navigate and interact with the reorderable elements effectively.

✅ Performance optimization: The library is optimized for performance, ensuring smooth drag and drop interactions even with large lists of reorderable elements.



In summary, React Easy Sort is not just a drag-and-drop library; it’s a developer-friendly toolkit that streamlines the implementation of reorderable UI elements in React applications. Its simplicity, customization capabilities, accessibility features, and performance optimizations collectively make it a valuable asset for developers seeking to elevate the interactivity and user-friendliness of their React projects.

Whether you’re building a task management app, a content organization tool, or any application that involves user-driven sorting, React Easy Sort empowers you to implement this functionality effortlessly and efficiently.

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