Why It Is Difficult To Trust An Offshore Development Company

Outsourcing software development is a crucial opportunity for businesses in the current global economy. With the constant development of new technologies, companies must take advantage of outsourcing to stay competitive.

In addition, offshore development is becoming increasingly popular as it offers qualified personnel at a lower cost than many domestic providers. This dramatically impacts the business economy, as companies can save money and reduce risks.

Although plenty of advantages come with outsourcing your software development, it’s important to know that it comes with risks. Unfortunately, many tech companies need more information about the agency they hire to do this. Such data is necessary to make the right choice among the hundreds of companies in the software development market and find a team you can trust.

Let’s take an example to understand the situation; While interviewing a potential programmer to outsource, candidate A appears competent, intelligent, and well-spoken. So, A is hired on the spot. However, a few days later, the client discovers that A could be more useful at coding.

By that point, the client has already wasted time and money. The only choice the client is left with is to fire programmer A and search for another unsuspecting tech organization.

Most software development companies focus solely on making a profit instead of ensuring customer satisfaction. As a result, companies are always looking for more and more customers. So let’s consider what you need to know and how to avoid being fooled by low rates.

Here Are Some Hard Facts To Assist You In Making The Best Decision For Your Business👇 

Facts For Choosing The Right Business Solution

Fig. Facts For Choosing The Right Business Solution

🔸 Faking about the experience and size of the team

When a client outsources developers, they not only miss out on the opportunity to verify an organization’s strength and the developer’s expertise but also run the risk of being charged higher rates for less skilled labor.

Often, clients will make decisions based on external factors like how visually appealing the website is. Unfortunately, this can be misleading, especially when the client requests a senior developer but is given a less skilled middle-level developer instead. 

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🔸 Follow unethical strategies

Organizations are providing more than 50% fresher developers are common practices even in large enterprises. Nevertheless, the billing would be the same regardless of the developer’s experience. It affects the development process when less experienced members are on a project alongside more experienced ones.

Eventually, you end up with either poor-quality products or not meeting the customer’s expectations. 

🔸 Lack of consistent plan

Having a plan is key, especially regarding business strategy. Offshore development services often need to understand the goals and how the plan must be carried out. There is a need to have the right planning and communication in offshore teams to succeed. 

🔸 Lack of information about developers

An incomplete profile is a turn-off for recruiters. Offshore development company may need to provide their clients with all the necessary information, which could lead to misunderstandings. As a result, the client’s requirements might need to be met. 

For example, it is not always clear if offshore software developers are familiar with modern technologies such as Git and approaches such as agile development

🔸 Poor resource coordination and transparency

Offshore development services can be challenging due to a need for more transparency and coordination. In addition, companies that outsource work to offshore vendors may encounter communication, quality, and timely delivery issues. 

These problems can be caused by the offshore partner working differently and needing help coordinating with their clients. In addition, the clients may have direct access to the workers doing the work and may not be able to see what they are doing. This can lead to understanding what is being done and how it should be done. 

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What Makes Us Unique In The Industry?

Being agile is a quality that is very hard to find in an offshore development company. However, Mindbowser will be able to meet this expectation. Here’s how we carry out functioning when it comes to offshore services; 

🔸 Verifying the team that is employed

You can trust the developers as they go through the multi-screening process. In addition, we validate the vendors to ensure the partners organize their workflows and communicate according to industry standards. This way, you can ensure that you get quality work from reliable developers and a great team. 

🔸 Completed and update the developer’s profile

We make sure the developer’s profiles are complete and updated. All profiles must have detailed information about completed projects, tasks, and technology stack.

🔸 Direct communication with the team

Our clients can interview candidates and communicate with programmers who have already been hired at any time during the project. Also, the clients can assign a dedicated project manager who will communicate on your behalf and get everything else coordinated. 

🔸 Flexibility and scalability

At Mindbowser, we pride ourselves on the speed of our service. We streamline the process to be efficient in delivering the services. We integrate various technologies to provide value to our clients and deliver within the given timeline. 

🔸 Better than a freelancer

At Mindbowser, the developers are employed full-time which means our team is fully responsible for their development and quality of work. This contrasts with some freelancers who might only sometimes be as reliable. 



The offshore development company has several advantages, which we firmly believe in here. We work closely with an exceptional offshore team every day. From experience, making offshore development work effectively takes careful planning and a solid process to ensure success. 

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