How To Keep Your Developers Motivated


Motivation, in general, is crucial to achieving any goal-oriented business. It’s a compelling force that keeps you chugging towards your life goals, helping you turn your dreams into reality. And this holds for software companies too. How do you ask? To thrive in this competitive digital world, companies have to deliver the finest quality products or services in a shorter time. Faster delivery of products and services without compromising on quality can only be achieved if companies have a bunch of employees (read developers) who are highly talented, engaged, passionate, and most importantly, motivated all the time. Motivated employees will have increased levels of commitment towards work, high efficiency in their work performance, and not to forget, improvement in productivity. All of these will ultimately impact the company’s bottom line. And hence, employee motivation is one of the crucial things that companies should consider in the workplace.

Today, developers are expected to stay updated on technology trends and keep on learning new things, which can be exciting but tiring too. To maintain their energy levels, companies need to keep them motivated, focused, and happy at work.


You have landed to this article, hence we assume that you are here for some great and essential tips on how to keep your employees (developers, specifically) engaged and motivated. Stay worry-free, we’ve got you covered. We have conducted thorough research and have outlined a few actionable tips on how to improve developers’ motivation in the workplace.

Ideas To Keep Developers Motivated

1. Know Your Employees And Their Expectations

Nobody will like to work for a manager who is moody and non-empathetic. Employees working for such managers will be unable to give their best in whatever work they do. Their performance, efficiency, and productivity at work will deteriorate, which will ultimately impact team efficiency in a negative way.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, managers should be polite, generous, helpful, empathetic, understanding, and motivating. As every employee is different, managers should know each of their strengths, weaknesses, career goals, expectations, work problems, and personal interests. Along with professional staff, managers should also be empathetic towards the employees’ personal lives. And for this, managers should regularly have one on one conversation with each individual, try to connect and build trust with them, understand what’s bothering them, and give them a dose of motivation whenever required.

2. Recognize Their Contributions

Who doesn’t love to be praised publicly? The effort and time that developers invest to bring ideas into reality can sometimes go unnoticed, which can hurt their feelings.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, companies should have a work culture where employees, seniors, managers regularly express gratitude to their deserving co-workers. Also, developers should be given bonuses or gift cards for their accomplishments. All of these will help companies motivate their developers to continue producing creative and clean code.

Anjan Pathak

Co-Founder & CTO at Vantage Circle

Developers are mostly introverts and their contribution can go often overlooked. However, they value appreciations from peers who understand their work. Peer recognition is what makes a developer’s day.

3. Use Tools To Measure Employee Performance

Measuring how well a team is performing is vital for achieving company success. And hence, the work performance of each employee should be assessed on a regular basis.

Managers should be able to answer questions like:

  • Has the developer managed to meet the given deadline?
  • Was she stressed to complete the task?
  • Has she written a clean code?
  • Has her performance improved when compared to the last performance assessment? If yes, which areas has she managed to improve? If no, where is she lacking?

For each employee. Plus, managers should regularly set goals so that they improve their technical skills over time. However, all of these cannot be achieved by manual methods. To track and measure everything accurately, managers should choose the right performance tracking tools available in the market. With the analysis report, companies can provide constructive feedback to developers, thus motivating them to perform even better in their next appraisal cycle.

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4. Provide Cutting-Edge Tools For Them To Work On

There are hundreds of software and tools readily available that can make a developer’s job a little easy. For example, a static code analysis tool can help developers know where they went wrong before they run the program, saving a lot of their precious time. Moreover, this tool will help them write clean codes and also motivate them to improve their coding practices.

Companies should provide their developers with tools to make their job easier while motivating them to move up their career ladder. Apart from that, they should give them enough leisure time to learn new things online, conduct training sessions on modern technologies, provide education assistance, and encourage them to improve their technical skills. Having this culture will boost their motivation to work harder at their workplace.

5. Create A Culture Of Open Communication


Known fact – Effective communication is vital for achieving project success. However, what kind of communication you ask? Well, here’s the secret to having good communication at the workplace.

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Companies should encourage a culture of open communication where every developer is given equal opportunity to participate in discussing business goals, ways to accomplish them, and their role in the project. Also, developers, if they wish to, should be allowed to mention ways to improve the existing business model. This way, developers will know their worth in the team, which can be an effective motivator.

On the other hand, managers should take the open communication culture as the best opportunity to motivate employees. They can acknowledge the developer’s exemplary work and notable achievements by rewarding them. This will create a sense of friendly competition among other teammates to do their best for getting pointed out by their managers in the next open forum.

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Now you know the best motivators from this article. However, you also need to know that every company is unique. So, wisely choose only those ideas that may work well for your company. Apart from that, the winning recipe to keep developers motivated is to have a people-centric workplace culture. Listen to developers, encourage creativity, welcome all ideas, and most importantly, respect them. That’s all anybody would want, isn’t it? Good Luck!

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