Clean Code – Need Or Necessity?


Since we started building Codegrip, I am quite used to Frequency Illusion(aka Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon). Yesterday, a leading English daily ran the following article on code Quality. I have started seeing content related to Code Quality & Code Reviews everywhere, is that only me?

Clean Code Need Or Necessity

I felt really happy after seeing news related to this deep problem in common newspapers. Everyone is speaking about code quality nowadays but very few companies have code reviews set in their process.

Its super important for any company to keep a check on their product code quality from first day. I have seen many companies that realized their mistakes in later stages when they wanted to add new features to their existing product and realised that the code which is written initially is of poor quality.

Imagine such a startup whose product idea is awesome and even had paid customers, but now they can’t scale up just because of poor code quality. In short, they are already behind the competition and need to rebuild the whole product again.

With Codegrip its no more a problem. We realized that the biggest reason for many companies for not doing code review is not due to their will but due to the culture that has set in. The solution needed to disrupt the complete coding cycle. This is where we realized that there is a need and started building Codegrip, a year ago.

Today, with CodeGrip, you can do an automated Code review for 15+ languages within minutes(sometimes in seconds). We have made it so simple that even a non-technical founder can scan his/her project in less than 2 minutes and know their team’s code quality on day to day basis. Yes, I ain’t kidding. Give a try and see the product in action yourself.

Additionally, CodeGrip does not store any code and your IP is safe with you. We are the only platform that scans your code without making a copy of your code. Debate on the necessity of code review can go for hours. It’s ok if you don’t want to measure your technical debt when you plan to declare technical bankruptcy but if you are looking for long term sustainability then CODE MATTERS.

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