Chatbot Platforms Are the Future of Marketing for Enterprises

Do you know you have communicated with a chatbot more times than you have realized? Most of the contemporary brands and companies have already incorporated bot technology into their marketing strategies. Modern chatbots are simple digital assistants, which deliver incredible results via a chatting/conversational interface.

Chatbots are AI-powered conversational tools. They have the ability to make highly personalized marketing and advertising scalable. Bots are going to change the face of marketing completely. Even now, some futuristic companies are using bots.

You open the official website of Cox service and there you see a bot offering help finding any package that you want. Not all these companies, however, are using chatbots to their full potential!

Some Important Stats

According to a report, the chatbot market is going to exceed as much as $1.34 billion of value globally by 2024. With nuanced communication and improved bot technology, the reliability of enterprises on these bots is going to increase. With the improvements in the algorithm, chatbots will be able to give suggestions too. You shouldn’t be surprised if you ask a chatbot about WOW Internet speeds and it provides a massive range and makes recommendations based on its knowledge about your internet usage.

The Bot is the Future!

It sounds more like a popular slogan in the world of marketing today! The current marketing scene sees chatbots as something with a lot of potential. But now is the time when we should essentially solidify a framework around using these chatbots for good instead of evil.

The competition is fierce and every company wants to do better than the others. Customer engagement and dealing are the most important factors when it comes to the success of any company or brand.

You can use chatbots to effectively engage your customers. The customers have changed. And so have the modes of communication. Modern customers gather all the relevant info on chat platforms before they make a purchase.

Modern bots are capable of interacting with the customers via voice too. Some of the most refined chatbots are Alexa and Siri.

Explore the Impact of Chatbot Automation on Your Business!

Why Your Business Needs Chatbot

As Ubiquitous as the Modern Customers

Isn’t the modern customer everywhere? Social media, chatting platforms, SMS, E-mails, and where not! Marketers have to ensure that they have a solid presence everywhere across these forums. Marketers have to offer a comprehensive and thoroughly interactive experience to its customers. They have got to be available wherever the customers choose to interact.

Chatbots have the ability to provide a seamless and comprehensive engagement experience across every platform. Chatbots are not humans and therefore, they are available around the clock. They are able to help marketers prepare micro-targeted offers. Take the instance of Pizza Hut. It allows its customers to order pizzas via various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on. It only helps in having more orders and to earn more revenue.

Help Human Agents Deal with Complex Queries

Bots perform simple and repetitive jobs continuously as well as effectively. They make sure they take the workload away and make the organization fatigue-free. They also assist human reps to focus more on the complex queries and tasks, which chatbots can’t deal with.

The overall efficiency of the organization also enhances manifold because of the pace with which the bots complete their tasks. The engagement is smoother, more personalized, and more effective. Thanks to the algorithm-based mechanism of bots!

Enhance Interactivity

The modern marketing and interactions are no more binary, stilted conversations. Today, these interactions are more about understanding and analyzing the context of typed words. The incredible improvements in the technology of Natural Language Processing have enabled chatbots to have human-like conversations.

You can even assign them a personality that easily fits your brand. It can further enrich the experience you provide to your customers. You can make it more relatable. Incorporating funny memes, enigmatic replies, and puns can give your business a unique voice while engaging your customers.

Manage High Volumes of Queries

Unlike humans, chatbots are capable of handling tons of queries at the same time. If you were to have human reps to address the huge volume of queries, you would need a lot of hiring, training, and funds. And since “multitasking is a lie”, you can’t expect a human rep to be dealing with many queries at a time. For a uniform engagement experience, while dealing with a massive amount of queries, you need the bot technology.

Reach Out to Newer Audiences

The modern customers have moved beyond the typing-based engagement forums like SMS. They are more into interaction with voice. They don’t expect language to be a hindrance in this. Enabling bots with vernacular language skills will significantly help in engaging more people across the globe.

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