Best Angular IDE & Editor to Use in 2022

Well known as a JavaScript Framework, Angular was developed by Google in the year 2009 with the sole purpose of creating next-generation web and mobile applications to assist developers. It is extensively preferred by developers as it has the potentiality to combine both HTML and CSS with JavaScript framework. It also grants access to an integrated development environment (IDE) and various external libraries.

IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a program known to simplify the process of writing codes and optimize the development procedures for developers as a whole. IDE software development helps in integrating software into the systems and focuses on analyzing the work.

The Best Angular IDE & Editor

As has been mentioned above, angular development tools are becoming quite the popularity amongst developers. Therefore, the market is swarming with IDEs that are making designing an application on the web and mobile easier.

Let’s have a look at the best Angular IDE & Editor.

1. Angular IDE: Angular IDE has been developed especially for Angular JS editor. It is highly recommended because of its fast and effective process of app development. IDE for angular is a simple development tool for beginners to learn and expertise in later.

The key benefits of Angular IDE include:

– Angular IDE displays the errors as you code and offers real-time validation of the said code
– It constitutes auto-completion of a code that is featured in a given project.
– Angular IDE uses coloring and highlighting of syntax-aware sources.
– Constitutes of block and full-formatting paired with advanced settings.
– Provides support to Angular 7 and TypeScript 3.0 for added benefits for the existing tools.

2. Webstorm: Created by IntelliJ developed by JetBrains, Webstorm is a powerful Angular development tool and a brilliant choice for coding Angular 2 apps that are based on TypeScript. Webstorm removes any dependency from third-party plugins, featuring easy code compilation using pure JavaScript for built-in TypeScript for developing Angular 2 components.

The key benefits of Webstorm are:
– Webstorm extends its support to CSS, Node.js, HTML, and JavaScript.
– It presents a sturdy refactoring and navigation feature.
– It is known for enabling smart code assistance and VSC integration.
– Websotrm offers additional plugins for the integrated development environment, complete with local history features, configuration, etc.
– Known for extending support to new-generation technologies via debugging, testing, and tracing features.

3. Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code developed by Microsoft supports Windows, Linux, and OS X. Being a source code editor, it supports TypeScript. It also includes debugging, intelligent coding completion which is based on variable types, modules, and functions. Some of the features of Visual Studio Code include snippets, syntax highlighting, refactoring codes, and auto-completion paired with IntelliSense.

The benefits of Visual Studio Code offers:
– Visual Studio Code supports multiple coding languages.
– It has an in-built Git commands option.
– It is known for its rapid debugging mechanism.
– Visual Studio Code is easier to customize for developers.
– It is always on IntelliSense.

4. Sublime Text: Offering a sleek and refined user interface, complete with extraordinary features and excellent performance, Sublime Text is the finest selection for developers for a text editor. Sublime text is by far one of the highly used code editors today and it is considered an excellent IDE.

To list the benefits of Sublime Text are:
– By installing Microsoft’s TypeScript plugin, Sublime Text extends its support to TypeScript code editing.
– It triggers the process of building and compiling files for JavaScript.
– Another added functionality includes enabling real-time code errors.
– Sublime Text requires the subscription to one license which can be fully operable on all computers regardless of the operating system (Linux, Windows, OS X).
– Sublime Text supports Linux, Windows, and OS X operating systems.
– Custom UI toolkit for Sublime Text optimizes the speed and native functionality required on each of the platforms.
– It supports cross-editing, TypeScript code editing, and switching of projects seamlessly.

5. Brackets: Brackets is a perfect amalgamation of the code editor and visual tools. Brackets is known for its extremely powerful and lightweight configuration as an IDE development tool for both mobile and web apps using Angular. It supports multiple languages and OS including Windows, Mac, and Linux and it is widely known for its creative development process.

Its benefits include:
– Provision to inline editors.
– Offers preprocessor support.
– Brackets also provide a live preview of the developmental process.

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6. Atom: Atom has been developed by GitHub and stands to be a people’s choice due to its customizable integrated development environment and simplified installation. Installing Atom TypeScript can enhance the experience of using TypeScrip for Angular apps. Atom is quite similar to Sublime Text, offering automated coding hints, static type checks, introspection of codes, and more. It is a customizable and approachable text editor.

The key benefits of Atom are:
– It offers easy and quick auto-completion features.
– Atom enables cross-platform editing and provides easy multiple pane browsing.
– It supports the file system browser in the mobile and web app development process.
– It has a built-in package manager easily accessible by developers.

7. Aptana Studio: Aptana Studio is an open-source integrated development environment for Angular. Angular JS Eclips can be added as an extension on Aptana Studio while being suitable for various frameworks and libraries. This IDE is based on Eclipse and is greatly used for JavaScript development and comes in as an Eclipse plugin or a stand-alone version.

Key benefits of Aptana Studio are:
– It is well known for supporting other app development tools.
– It consists of a Deployment Wizard.
– It offers access to quick and thorough customization during the development.
– It has an in-built terminal.
– It extends its code assistance for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

8. ALM IDE: Enabling developers to code rapidly in TypeScript development projects, ALM IDE is an available cloud-based integrated development environment. It requires just a single npm command to install, is easy to work on, and is known for removing any barriers that can hinder working on TypeScript.

ALM IDE benefits include:
– Simplifies the use of TypeScript during development.
– It is known for its lightweight structure.
– ALM IDE is configured specifically for TypeScript.

9. PyCharm: PyCharm is developed by the team of Jet Brains, offering a community edition package. PyCharm is a refined and sophisticated code assistance IDE development software, assists and analyzes the development process for developers using Python.

PyCharm key benefits are:
– It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems.
– With the VIM Emulation, PyCharm offers a customizable interface.
– It includes debuggers for JavaScript, Django, and Python.
– PyCharm extends its support to Django IDE and Google App Engine.

10. RubyMine: Developed by Jet Brains, RubyMine is a well-known premium IDE and it is a preferred development tool and editor amongst developers and enthusiasts. It supports multiple coding languages, offering seamless navigation and consistent workflow optimization.

Some of the key benefits of RubyMine include:
– It provides snippets of coding, offers auto-completion and multiple automated refactorings.
– The project tree in RubyMine offers rapid code analysis.
– It utilizes a project view and model diagram.
– The stacks supported by RubyMine include RVM, rbenv, bundler, and pick.
– The debuggers in RubyMine incorporate Ruby, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript.
– The keyboard schemes in this development tool are bundled.

Why should anyone use Angular IDE & Editor?

Angular IDE & Editor | Mindbowser

Taking software development to a whole different level, IDEs are probably the most hassle-free option for developers globally. With IDE developers are easily enabled towards quick setups and standardization of the process across developmental tools.

So why should anyone use Angular & Editor? Let’s have a look.

  • Economizes time and efforts: Angular IDE & editor is widely popular because of its ability to conserve time and assist developers in the process of application development in a faster way. It helps in providing resources for organizing, avoids errors, and offers shortcuts to quicken the process of development.
  • Refines the standards of a company: When working with the integrated development environment along with the existing development environment, developers are well versed in maintaining the process. Therefore, always keeping the standards of the project development refined and sophisticated. Several IDEs provide a prebuilt template and coding libraries, enabling developers to share the project within the team while sustaining the sophistication of application development.
  • Enhanced project management: With refined features and development tools, it has already been mentioned that Angular IDE & editor helps in time and effort saving. With better procedural maintenance and enhanced project management, application development becomes effortless and maintains this protocol throughout the project tenure.

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The Bottom Line

The integrated development environment or IDEs are packed with essential features and excellent benefits which are necessary for web and mobile app development. It not only assists developers with expertise but is some of the best IDEs in 2022 even for beginners. Each IDE is made with a different sense of purpose that resonates with the needs and requirements of a business. With this list, you can identify and analyze your requirements and choose the best Angular IDE & Editor that is perfectly suitable for your needs.

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