Benefits And Challenges Of The Electronic Health Record

Technology advancement, like Electronic Health Records, has changed the conventional direction of the healthcare industry. Previously, medical data was 100% paper-based documents.

In the year 2003, the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association published an article, where that explained paper record is simple and widely accepted. For sure, the healthcare industry requires a low cost for implementation, and support of electronic health can reform the healthcare industry.

In fact, the paper documents the environment of healthcare due to the limited accessibility, lack of acceptance, inability to manage files remotely, and the cost of large data storage. By adopting EHRs, healthcare service providers have organized and accessible health records. Also, they’re supported by various practice improvement tools like computerized prescribing & ordering tools, to deliver more efficient and secure patient care.

After the introduction of Electronic Health Records, doctors and physicians explore all the significant aspects of EHR use, and they recognized, that there have been some challenges also. And it’s essential to understand both sides of the EHR solution.

In this article, we would like to discuss the benefits of EHR and we will also cover the disadvantages of EHR. let’s explore the facts:

Key Benefits Of EHR Solutions

Sol Lizerbram, MD, Co-founder and Chair of the HealthFusion Board says, “EHRs formalized the process and gave doctors the ability to use data to better predict diagnoses, assist in health maintenance, and allow for a much better patient experience than having everything written down.”

Smart solutions like EHR are enhancing data security of patient health information, aiding medical care providers to improve productivity and work-life balance. This solution allows providers to intensify work efficiency and achieve their business goals.

Importantly, it is reducing service costs through diminished paperwork, reduced duplication of testing, improved data safety, and improved health.

The use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) provides doctors with a complete history of a patient’s illnesses. This improves the accuracy of the diagnosis and reduces the probability of misdiagnosis. It also speeds up the process of treating the patient.

Similarly, other tools would make life easy for practitioners. Let’s check other advantages of Electronic Health Records solutions.


Since EHR solutions are stored electronically, providers can easily access them from different locations and at different times. Healthcare providers can check a patient’s medical history record whenever they require it. They can track the treatment processes and add their valuable suggestions to increase the efficiency of the care.

Healthcare experts mention, that the EHR process is a life-saving concept. It empowers providers to get a patient’s full medical history like blood type, allergies, and past medical records that help make the right treatment decision.


Patients can receive prescriptions in digital form and avoid indecipherable handwriting. As we all know, it provides a secure healthcare solution including better Pharmacy Workflow, Enhances Patient Medication Adherence, increases Clinical Support for Providers, and Improve Patient Safety. Electronic prescribing is growing rapidly because it has some substantial benefits for health care providers and patients.

Improved Communication And Engagement

EHRs make communication better between doctors and patients. Even though clerical demands can be onerous, EHRs can make communication processes easy that help remote patients also.

EHRs help doctors to communicate with other care service providers and accurately track the treatment plans. EHR web patient portals enable patients to check their health records, medications, radiology results, and progress notes. It allows patients to become more actively engaged in their care journey, and the EHR application permits them to save all the records effortlessly.

As we all know, communication can lead to improved care. EHR has alleviated the difficulties of lost healthcare files and missed communications. This solution is more reliable than paper-based methods and record-keeping processes. It reduces the time; doctors can easily find out the previous record, and patients can get relief from repeating an unnecessary test or procedure.

Enhancing The Efficiency Of Treatment

EHR has vastly improved both the quality and the availability of healthcare services. As a result, patients now have access to more personalized treatments. They can reach the best doctors via video and make appointments from the comfort of their homes. This technology is not only beneficial for patients, but it also helps doctors.

Medical professionals now have access to better-suited platforms to manage data. They also have access to a better network that helps them leverage the expertise of other medical professionals. Therefore, the efficiency of treatment is considerably increased.

Easy Accessibility To Healthcare

There is widespread unavailability of professional healthcare service providers in the world. This creates a distance barrier, which is one of the biggest challenges that the healthcare industry faces.

Many people have to travel long distances to get quality healthcare services. Sometimes, people even have to travel across countries to get treatment. Several applications have been developed to ensure that patients can get video medical consultations in a short duration.

EHR makes healthcare services more accessible. Another important thing is that their performance is increasing the relevance of healthcare. The ability to get a medical professional’s consultation instantly from the comfort of your home is the most substantial advantage of telemedicine apps.

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Disadvantages Of EHR Solutions

A tool that was initially developed to increase quality and improve communication in the healthcare industry has somehow created a riskier healthcare environment. Many healthcare service providers are still facing difficulty to understand or adopting the new concept, and errors are likely to occur. Let’s check some problems with electronic health records implementation:


Perhaps the most significant problem with Electronic Health Records is the deficiency of interoperability between all disparate systems. To have a full image of a patient’s medical history, and trouble-free communication processes transform the healthcare services.

Culture Problem

While EHR implementation has technical challenges, the most vexing problem is the traditional care culture. To improve the care culture, we need to focus on tech solutions that can easily transform the system and deliver a better solution.

Be Attentive To Team Fatigue

Your execution team will be working under pressure. Actually, they are doing a thankless job. They will face a new challenge before taking a pause and appreciate what they have completed or achieved. If you aren’t attentive to your team, then they can quickly be burned out, and they can suffer from change fatigue.

Local Leadership Quality

In the end, implementation of the EHR will highlight the ultimate barometer of leadership quality. We all know, a strong and dedicated central leadership team is obligatory but far from sufficient. But the actual challenge will come at the local leadership level, and the engagement there must be unwavering and focused.

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Electronic Prescribing

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Workflow Automation

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  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Improve Productivity
  • Decrease Cost and Risk
  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Engage Patients
  • Ensure Compliance

Electronic Labs

Smart lab interfacing technology connects all your favorite labs that help you send orders and get all the updates electronically from most labs. This concept can save energy and provide security. Entering a smart lab utilizes facial recognition with the support of an authentication mechanism.

  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering
  • Measurement technology
  • Regulation technology
  • Signal processing
  • Prototype design

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There are various advantages and disadvantages of EHR solutions. As the medical care industry continues to transform, these growing pains will ultimately get resolved. Modern EHR solutions have committed to focus on reducing the clerical burden on service providers while simultaneously improving safety, communication, efficiency, and patient engagement. You just need an adviser to identify the benefits of EHR.

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