Vishvajit Sande

Vishvajit has 10+ years of experience in the tech industry and has helped 20+ startups build their first version/MVP. He leads UI/UX at Mindbowser and has been successfully running the Google Design Sprint for 5+ years.

Head of Delivery & UI/UX

At Mindbowser, Vish’s journey shows how adaptable and determined he is. He started with an Engineering degree and then went on to do an MBA to learn more and grow. He began at Mindbowser as a Business Consultant, where he quickly proved himself by using his analytical skills and smart thinking to solve tough problems. Even when things got tough, Vish kept going, seeing every challenge as a chance to learn and improve.

As time went on, Vish took on different project roles, which helped him get even better at what he does. By working hard and staying focused, he became really good at handling all kinds of challenges with confidence.

One of the big moments in Vish’s journey was when he worked with scientists at ARI Pune. Together, they did some really cool research and even wrote a paper about it. This showed how well Vish can adapt to different situations and work with different people.

Throughout his time at Mindbowser, Vish’s dedication to doing great work, his curiosity, and his love for trying new things have helped him become a leader in the company.

Today, Vish serves as the Delivery Head at Mindbowser, overseeing end-to-end project delivery company-wide, where his role as a UI/UX specialist continues to shape exceptional digital experiences that resonate with users and drive project success.

        Work-life balance is a myth; work-life integration is the key.

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