Our 36-page eBook provides a comprehensive strategy you need to know while developing and scaling your telemedicine platform.

What’s included:

👉HIPAA for Telemedicine

👉Telemedicine App Architecture with AWS

👉 Growth strategy of Telemedicine App

👉 Technical Steps To Develop A Telemedicine Platform

👉 Cost Of Telemedicine Application

👉 Challenges in Adoption of Telemedicine platforms

👉 Technologies Used in Telemedicine Apps

👉 Base Features of a Telemedicine App

What is the eBook about?

Years of research compiled into a comprehensive eBook documenting the most efficient path to developing a new digital health solution, including key features, cost of development, best practices to comply with HIPAA norms, and resources to accelerate and achieve digital health adoption.

Who should download the eBook?

The eBook is intended for those who believe in the importance of digital health and its role in delivering better care. ​

Whether you are a physician, a budding entrepreneur, a care team member, healthcare administrator, or a passionate advocate for developing a digital health technology, if you are looking for guidance to navigate the process and achieve scale, this eBook is for YOU!

Why should I use the eBook?

Executing digital health technology can be complex and time-consuming. On average, it takes hospitals 23 months to go from identifying a digital innovation and need to develop one. The eBook has been designed with input from physicians, care team members, health care administrators, and digital health thought leaders to help health care organizations adopt change faster and scale more successfully.

Where can I use the eBook?

The ​eBook ​is designed for budding entrepreneurs, care teams, and medical practice administrators of all sizes and areas of specialty. We have consulted with small and large health systems, in rural and urban settings. No matter who you are, you can use this Playbook as a guide to successfully implement digital health solutions in your practice.

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