Our e-Prescribing (eRx) Software Development Services

Boost your healthcare services with our expertise in creating and integrating advanced e-Prescription (eRx) software development services. The e-prescribing software enhances patient care efficiency while minimizing risks. Our expert professionals specialize in designing HIPAA-compliant software development, enabling effortless pharmacy communication and real-time patient medication data sharing.

Remote Sharing

Share medical prescriptions with patients and the concerned pharmacies remotely and seamlessly. Improve communication and organize healthcare processes by smoothly connecting providers, patients, and pharmacies for better prescription management.

Zero-medical-errors in erx software development

Zero Medical Errors

Operating on the digital prescription platform decreases the chances of human errors and delivers quality care. Using a digital prescription platform ensures precise and error-free medication management, resulting in a higher standard of care for patients.

Telehealth Integration

We can help you integrate your e-Prescription software seamlessly with telehealth platforms. This allows healthcare providers to prescribe medications during virtual consultations, further improving accessibility to healthcare services.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

We build e-prescription software that is designed to scale with your organization’s growth. As healthcare technology continues to evolve, we can help you adapt to incorporate new features and integrations, keeping you ahead of the curve.

From Diagnosis to Doorstep, Simplify Prescriptions with Mindbowser

Implementing e-Prescription as a Part of Telehealth Platform

E-prescription has always proved to be a reliable and convenient bridge between healthcare providers, drugstores, and patients. E-prescription software, when integrated with telehealth solutions, can make the whole patient experience even more seamless.

Mindbowser worked with a telehealth platform for Urgicare and needs to integrate DoseSpot to facilitate e-prescription. The integrations allow the platform to provide

Features to Include in Your e-Prescription Software

With Mindbowser, you can explore building the best features to ensure a better experience and practices for your ePrescription software. We develop e-prescription software from scratch, which facilitates designing your own set of features for it. 

Build Seamlessness

Every user—pharmacist, prescriber, and patient—needs their way of accessing and evaluating e-prescriptions. Each user can get the means to create, transform, manage, and receive e-prescriptions. It can be web portals, mobile applications, integrated solutions, etc.

Generation and Submission of Prescriptions

Healthcare providers can create a new prescription and send it to the next stage through digital means. The physicians can send the prescription to the concerned pharmacists. The patients can also access the prescription and other details related to the pharmacists. 

Tracking of Prescriptions

Once the e-prescription is created and sent to the pharmacy,  the system ensures the pharmacy has successfully processed the prescription according to the specific sequence of events. It helps patients keep track of refills or upcoming orders. It allows the physicians to control the medication supply.

Medication History

E-prescription allows healthcare providers to access the patient’s medical history. This information can be imported through various sources, such as a partner pharmacy’s database, medication claim histories received by insurance payers or pharmacy managers, or through EHR or EMR systems

Automate Error Detection

The software ensures that the prescriptions generated by healthcare providers are accurate enough. The prescriber can use dictionaries and select the drugs from the systems. A digital assistant helps create prescriptions, ordering the correct medications for the patient. 

Patient Monitoring

With the benefit of integration, the system provides efficient communication between users and practitioners. For example, doctors get access to the patient’s medical history and can monitor their health significantly. On the other hand, patients can track the drugs used.

Dosespot + eRx Software for Medication Management

The Benefits of e-Prescription Software

The e-Prescription software serves several benefits to all entities, such as pharmacies and manufacturers, healthcare providers, and the patients themselves. E-prescription encourages greater safety in multiple ways. 

Patient Safety

E-prescription software enhances the patient’s safety. The errors that are associated with written prescriptions can be avoided, like the selection of an incorrect or unavailable drug, dosage form, or omission of information.


Access to Medical History

With the help of integration with EHR systems, healthcare providers can instantly access the patient’s medical history. Many unsafe prescriptions can be avoided by reviewing the medical history.

Remote Refills

With the help of e-prescription, patients are no longer required to book an appointment with their healthcare provider or physicians for consultation or even prescription refills. It provides a feature to notify the patient to get a refill. 

Improved Workflow

E-prescription streamlines the prescription process and reduces the time for practitioners. It automates the workflow, which enhances productivity and efficiency.  It improves safety, has shorter wait times, and expands consulting services.

Why Choose Us for e-Prescription Software Development?


Expertise in Healthcare Technology

We are master in healthcare tech - elevate your eRx with our specialized expertise. Trust the leaders.


Customized Solutions for Your Needs

We craft bespoke eRx software to fit your unique requirements. Your needs, our solutions.


Seamless Integration and Scalability

We ensure seamless scalability, integrating with ease for your eRx evolution.


Compliance and Security Assurance

We guarantee secure eRx solutions, compliant with industry standards for peace of mind.


Design Thinking Led Approach

Our design-led thinking ensures user-centric eRx solutions for optimal usability.


Healthcare Learning Center

Our healthcare learning center empowers users with knowledge for enhanced eRx utilization.


Quality Boost Through Automation

We streamline processes, enhancing eRx quality through intelligent automation.


Clear and Open Pricing Structures

We offer clear, honest pricing structures, ensuring trust and transparency for eRx solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does e-prescription software work?

E-prescription software is very flexible. They can be deployed on mobile devices, desktops, or even as web applications. When a patient books an appointment, the healthcare providers use integrated e-prescription softwares to access their medical information. Through the software, the healthcare provider can prescribe the medication accordingly. 

The e-prescriptions are stored electronically, which can be accessed later. This enhances the long-term access to accurate data and eliminates errors. The e-prescription induces digitization of processes such as automating the data, handling and verifying the data and picking the accurate prescription for the patients. 

How does e-prescription software improve medical workflow?

Many prescribers use e-prescription softwares to file and submit the prescription to pharmacies electronically. The main objective behind developing e-prescriptions is to save time and paper. 

Another reason for developing the software is to reduce several preventable adverse drug events in the healthcare industry. They are designed to eliminate any type of human or medical error. The ongoing medications can be reviewed based on the electronic data collected from the database. It facilitates the management of medication names, dosage details, instruction updates, etc. 

How much does e-prescription software cost?

Multiple factors go into consideration for the cost to develop e-prescription software. The system requires a lot of integration with EHR systems. The cost of developing a custom e-prescription software depends on the features, functionalities, certifications and compliances. On the basis of such factors, the cost for the development of e-prescription software can start at upward of $50,000. 

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