Top 12 Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

In this era of digitalization, we cannot expect to take care of our long to-do lists and chores of work without the phone. Mobile phones have turned out to be our basic necessity and we just cannot do without them. Not only our daily lives, today mobiles are transforming businesses saving lots of time and energy.

Catch-up with all the useful information and technology to better handle your work and life with our top 12 apps listed below to help you in managing your business on the go:

1. SMARTSHEET: A Tool for project management, teas’ task management, sales pipeline management, cross-spreadsheet feature to track finances, easily share files, plan events.

Some more essential features include Gantt chart, portals, card view, exporting files, emailing through the app, Printing options, API, and dashboards.

Smartsheet Key Features & Benefits

  • Leverage team collaboration
  • Automate relevant business processes
  • Drive work at scale
  • Work with apps and integrations
  • Real-time visibility

2. FAX.PLUS: With an Easy registering process with your Gmail and Facebook. Easy and fast way to send Fax anywhere just from using your mobile phone through this app.

Some essential features include Image optimization, Fax scheduling, and Online Signature on all types of documents, including PDF, JPG, DOC, TIF, and Adding Multiple Fax numbers. It is a free-tier app.

FAX.PLUS Key Features & Benefits

  • Acquiring Hard Copies
  • Secure & scalable
  • Google integration
  • Relative Lower Cost
  • Available everywhere on any device

3. HelloLeads Free CRM: One of the best apps to manage your deals, contacts, sales team, tasks on the go quickly and improve relations with customers from wherever you are. Creating forms and sharing business cards to engage with your leads, HelloLeads also connects with your Whatsapp and SMS to facilitate staying in touch with your leads and customers.

Important Features include Real-time cloud sync, Capturing Leads, and keeping track of their history, batch updates, Designing custom forms for leads, API connection with other applications, follow-up reminders.

HelloLeads CRM Key Features & Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Easy to learn
  • Can scale quickly
  • Fairly Priced
  • Great Customer support

4. ASANA- YOUR WORK MANAGER: An App to organize your Tasks and goal. Visualize your goals on board, Having Team conversations, and distributing tasks to all the group members efficiently, creating subtasks, Forms, and much more for your teams’ smooth coordination and working.

Important Features include Task assigning, Custom Fields, Keeping track of scheduled tasks and due dates, Attachments, Dashboards, Templates, Creations, Making Team pages, Colourblind friendly Mode, and Organizing Portfolios, Hidden mode for sensitive projects.

ASANA Key Features & Benefits

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Focus Mode & Individual Task Lists
  • Automated Email Integration
  • Project Permissions & Tracking
  • Secure Storage.

5. FORECEIPT: An App to make all your receipts in soft copy and uploading them here. You can scan your receipts and store them forever. That’ll help you in doing your taxes seamlessly.

Some features include: assign a proper category to different receipts, Emailing option for your receipts, the Creation of Reports of your expenses, and Summarizing Options on a monthly and yearly basis.

FORECEIPT Key Features & Benefits

  • Bookkeeper in Pocket
  • Paperless and Secure
  • Sync through cloud
  • Customized Categories (Personal & Business)
  • Report by Category, Account & Month

6. GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Getting to know your analytics made it easy for you. Using Google Analytics, you can generate various reports; you can customize the type of report you want unique to your own business. Categorization of Goals.

Some Notable Features include Audience report creation, Goals Feature, which allows you to categorize and customize your business goals, and Measuring the Traffic for your online businesses.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS Key Features & Benefits

  • Figure out where your users are coming from
  • See where you rank in search engines
  • Real-time Data Visualization
  • Use it for segmentation
  • Determine what to offer next

7. DROPBOX: Save your files online safely and share them too with your team members easily using Dropbox. All your Data gets backup up here with a 250 GB storage limit at first.

Some important features include: Editing Options for all the people file is shared with, High security of Files, API, Also provides a web interface and accessible with any device.

DROPBOX Key Features & Benefits

  • Store and access files from anywhere
  • Bring all your content together
  • Work smarter from your desktop
  • Get in sync & Be organised
  • Keep personal & business safe and secure

8. WANDERLOG: This application is useful when you are travelling for business either alone or with a team. It helps you maintain all the information in one place concerning your travel and share it with your team members on the go to coordinate better.

Some important features are: Shared itineraries, Budget Planner, Location sharing option to keep everyone updated and Reminder follow up feature.

WANDERLOG Key Features & Benefits

  • Add places from guides with 1 click
  • Collaborate with friends in real-time
  • Import flight and hotel reservations
  • Get smart recommendation based on your itinerary
  • Export your places to Google Maps & Optimize your route

9. GOOGLE TASKS: Keeping track of all your tasks for the day or even month using google tasks. Create a list for multiple tasks. DeCluttering your goals by making separate folders for tasks.

Useful Features Include: Changing Order of tasks, Renaming tasks, and Creating custom order for yourself.

GOOGLE TASKS Key Features & Benefits

  • Add and remove tasks
  • View Tasks on Google Calendar
  • Add emails as tasks (synchronizing with Gmail)
  • Add Reminders to Google Tasks From Google Calendar
  • Set due dates and times for tasks (synchronizing with Google Calendar)

10. SLACK: Create and Search for channels concerning your business to connect with the right groups and individuals. It is an application to increase your brand across the internet so new people can connect to you and you to them globally.

Features Include: Create your own work and connect to others’ workplaces, Quick Switcher, Adding Reminders for events, deadlines, and more, and Tracking different Documents.

SLACK Key Features & Benefits

  • Pinning messages and reference links to channels
  • Managing and tracking documents
  • Advanced search modifiers
  • Using shared channels across workspaces
  • Setting reminders
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds

11. OFFICESUITE: Edit and create all types of documents anytime through OfficeSuite. It has a combined facility to use all the Microsoft file formats in one place, be it Excel, pdf, or simply words document. OfficeSuite consists of them all, so you do not have to do them separately, resulting in burdening your phone.

Some Features are: Converting Files formats, Creating and Editing excel files, Hyperlink editing, Include Google Workspace, Apache OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.

OFFICESUITE Key Features & Benefits

  • Convert Files formats & Track Changes
  • Integrated License Manager
  • Document Password Protection
  • Electronic Signatures Support
  • Create & Edit PowerPoint, Word Files seamlessly

12. MEGA: Upload all your files onto the MEGA app and share them securely. The MEGA app is handy for storing your data in keeping all your files and documents safely online and sharing them with encrypted mode. You can share these files by providing links to your team.

Features to use: Up to 400 GB of storage, User-controlled encrypted cloud storage accessible even through web browsers, Can be Decrypted only by the end receiver making all the data secure.

MEGA Key Features & Benefits

  • Massive cloud storage space
  • Painfree storing and sharing your files
  • User-Controlled End-to-End Encryption
  • Anti-Ransomware & Backup your Recovery Key
  • Private and Secure Communication with the team


With all these business apps, any of the options on our list of the best apps for small business may be useful for optimizing your day-to-day processes. From organizing ideas to sending invoices to tracking time and creating a job schedule and so much more.  Plus, since most of these apps are free there’s no harm in downloading them, trying them out, and deciding whether or not they’re right for your business.

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