BuyNow is a mobile-commerce App that enables consumers to instantly purchase products and/or services from any multi-media Ad – simply by sending a Text Message or a Tweet.


We helped the client to build an ecosystem that enables consumers to buy products and/services from any multi-media Ad. The ecosystem includes a custom web solution , iOS app and Android App. The bespoke web solution is scalable and capable of handling million transactions and tweets.
Advertised content in multimedia is tagged with unique keywords. A call-to-action enables the consumers to either text the advertised Keyword to 289669 or simply Tweet the Keyword to @ezshopn. In return, the BuyNow™ App automatically opens up to display the advertised content with a BuyNow button. Consumer drives to action making a 2-Click purchase, using their existing Amazon account (with pre-configured shipping and billing information).


BuyNow apps interface is clean and simple. The app is designed in such a way that it allows users to do quick purchase. We have carefully worked to ensure that every detail of the app was intuitive and simple without sacrificing functionality and ease of use.


Mindbowser & BuyNow worked on the disprutive idea to create an awesome mobile commerce app. The app was eventully funded by a top VC firm.

* This app is currently not available on iOS app store as the business is pivoting towards new ideas.