Why Select Acceleration Program

  • The Mindbowser Select Acceleration Program is an initiative under the aegis of StartupGrind Pune, aimed to help global companies at an early stage to take advantage of the talent pool of Pune at low cost by providing a match between startups looking for talent and providing it in a CASH+EQUITY agreement
    This means we will offer our development service at a discounted price to selected companies for equity in the company.
  • Over the past decade, we’ve worked with a lot of companies that have tremendous potential, but not enough money to pursue their dream project. Mindbowser will also offer expert guidance and marketing strategy consultation to these companies.
  • Mindbowser is a full-service agency that specializes in mobile and web development and has built successful products for startups as well as Fortune 500s like Dell, Volkswagen, AtlasCopco, etc.
  • Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Powered by Google, the community has over 500+ chapters in 130 countries, each working on helping startups grow.

How is it Different for Traditional Outsourcing?

Traditional outsourcing functions as I’ll pay you, you do what I ask thus removing any kind of involvement on the vendor’s end. So to speak – The vendor is not involved in the project – They do not care whether your idea rocks or sucks, they’ve been hired to do a job and they will do it. No questions asked.

CASH + EQUITY = Where you substitute a part of the payment for equity in your company. That way your success becomes vendor’s success and your failure become vendor’s failure. Now, the vendor has skin in the game and will definitely make sure of self-preservation thus providing what is best for you.

Mindbowser Select Acceleration Program is under the Aegis of Startup India which helps create and bring more Employment to Pune.

What Do You Get?

Your Product Made at a Lesser Price

Nominal Equity Exchange

Expert Guidance

Marketing Strategy Consultation

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