The Future Of Machine Learning In Finance

Finance has always been the backbone of any developed nation. The former British Prime Minister William Gladstone exhibited the importance of finance for the economy in 1858 as follows: “Finance is, as it were, the stomach of the country, from which all the other organs take their tone. While the market potential for machine learning is massive, there is no concurrence on just how big it could eventually be.

The global machine learning market is forecast to grow to $8.81 billion in 2022, producing a compound annual growth rate of 44%, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets Research. Large financial institutions are interested in machine learning technology: Machine learning can significantly improve the bottom line revenue for the company.

In fact, there is a multitudinous advantage for companies that adopt machine learning technology, both in terms of replacing bequest systems and in developing enterprise or traditional solutions. Some of the abilities of machine learning algorithms are – catch costly errors, improve efficiency, enlarge decision-making processes, and improve customer experience.

Major applications of Machine Learning

Fraud Detection

One of the vital tasks of financial providers is to protect their clients against fraudulent activities. To keep the accounts safe, Old ways no longer work. With the growing rate of data security, criminals have stepped up the game. To protect clients against trailblazing threats, financial institutions and companies must always stay alert.

Machine learning smart algorithms play a major role here. By comparing every transaction against account history, machine learning algorithms are able to assess the pattern of the transaction being fraudulent. Spectral activities, such as out-of-state purchases or large cash withdrawals, raise flags that can cause the system to delay the transaction until a human can make a decision.

In a report last summer, rating agency Moody’s said such technology “contributes significantly to credit risk-modeling applications” — which decide whether a borrower will meet loan repayments or not — because “a machine learning model, unconstrained by some of the assumptions of classic statistical models, can yield much better insights that a human analyst could not infer from the data”.

Risk Management

It should come as no surprise that machine learning technology and financial pursuit together for better risk management. While traditional software applications predict creditworthiness based on static information from loan applications and financial reports, machine learning technology can go one step further; also analyzing the applicant’s financial status as it may be modified by current market trends.

By applying predictive analytics to Bulk data in real-time, machine learning algorithms can detect reprobate investors working in simultaneously across multiple accounts — something that would be nearly impossible for a human investment manager. Another benefit of machine learning efficiency.

By surmising a substantial amount of the burden to monitor accounts, machine learning systems enable investment managers to focus on more productive tasks, such as client servicing.

Stock market trading

The present financial market already consists of humans as well as machines. There are machines out there doing trades of billions of dollars every day with the help of high-frequency trading.

When selecting stocks, the two primary factors that an investor looks at are:

  • Current price
  • Likelihood of the Performance in the future

Machine learning algorithms with the help of regression analysis are proving successful in predicting the future performance of securities.

The machines are changing the way we trade in the stock market such as:

  1. High-Frequency Trading
  2. Execution of Trades

Smart Chatbot assistant

To run the flow of business efficiently every company requires sound management and for management to be sound, it must function with strong fundamental roots.

Machine learning with the help of “Natural language processing” can help managers with a great deal today. Machine learning algorithms today are helping widely with chatbot assistants to the financial institutions and company, to work with superior customer satisfaction.

Chatbot assistants can solve primary customer’s queries and save and effort saved can be invested into more skills, leading to more value generation.

Predicting Loan Misdemeanours

Loan misdemeanors have increased with time. The ability of Machine learning models to predict loan performance makes them particularly interesting to lenders and fixed-income investors.

Machine learning with the help of decision tree algorithms has been successfully able to predict the wrong-doings in the insurance sector. While it considers certain criteria such as:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Sex
  4. Income etc.


The financial sector plays an indispensable role in the overall development of a country. Finance and machines have always been related. The advancement in technologies has lead finance to work proficiently.

Machine learning algorithms are getting smarter and financial markets indulging in the technology to reduce fraud, increase the bottom line, and take preemptive actions. Furthermore, leading to more efficiency and value.

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