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Mindbowser Is Offering 100K In Cloud Credits To All The Businesses We Will Work With During COVID -19. We Give Credits To You As We Sign The Contract To Work On Your App, Web, Or Anything Related To Technology. The Credits Help You Host Your Platform And Save Any Cloud Cost Related To AWS And GCP

How Much Is $100,000 In Cloud Credits

It means having 100 Million visitors on the website or within the app.

100 Million users on a TechCrunch like tech blog

It means 100 Million users on a website like Facebook

100K users on a video website like Youtube every day.

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Mindbowser is offering $100,000 in cloud credits to all the businesses we will work with this month. We give credits to you as we sign the contract to work on your app, web, or anything related to technology.

How It Works?

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Wow! We are happy that we partnered with Mindbowser for our project. Through their partnerships, they gave us $25,000 cloud credits which will enable us to run our web service for free for a year

Arsames Q.
CTO of an HR Tech Startup

I am happy to share that we got USD 10k in cloud credits courtesy of our friends at Mindbowser. Thank you Pravin and Ayush, this means a lot to us.

Sudheer B.
CTO - Shortlist

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