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We are the most trusted ERP software development company. We use Frappe, which is integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework built using a Python based server-side framework.

ERP system, which stands for Enterprise-Resource Planning, is necessary for every modern company to take care of all aspect of a business. It’s a master of all ! But the main issue is that ERPs sometimes prove to be complex and expensive due to cost of the system, hardware and consulting fees. In such cases, web-based ERP solution costs you less bucks to implement and maintain.

Frappe framework that we use to develop ERP software, is an alternative to NetSuite and QAD, and similar in function to Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP), Tryton and Openbravo. It is built using Python and MySQL as the database backend. Frappe has a Model-View-Controller architecture that together with metadata modeling tools provides flexibility: users are able to adapt the system to unique purposes of their business.

So, if you are looking for ERP software development company which can help you build a comprehensive enterprise solution, we are the ones you want to approach !

How We Help You


We help organisations by developing customized calendar, Simple social network and Messaging Service, built-in to-do lists and projects, time log entries, embedded reporting system with office suite integration.

Accounting and Billing

Our Accounting and Billing software comes loaded with features including multi-currency and multi-country support, powerful accounting with tax calculations, company’s chart of accounts and cost centers etc.

Sales and CRM

We help you generate reports for all company’s sales, quotations, support requests, newsletters as well as management and communication with both existing and potential customers.

Inventory management and Manufacturing

This is where ERP has already proven to be the best support system. ERP helps you with all warehouse management functions and our ‘Production Planning Tool’ helps you plan production and materials beforehand.

Human Resource Management

This is the area where we have worked with major organisations to help them with leave and attendance management, expense claims submission, payroll and appraisals among other HR functions.

Supply Chain Management

We understand how crucial supply chain functions are for your growth. Keeping this in mind, we build solutions which will help you manage shipping, logistics, tracking, invoices and manage other real time data.

Our unique ability to effectively integrate these features has made us a prominent ERP software development company in the ERP development space.

Why Us

We build software that allows departments of small or medium sized companies to run smoothly and communicate with one another.
Our Frappe framework based solutions help companies to organize and manage the work of each and every department. Small and medium sized businesses benefit the most from these solutions.

As the most loved ERP software development company, we have experience of building solutions for wide array of business domains including manufacturing, retail, and distribution. We have an unique ability to integrate extensive functionalities into a single platform. This makes management process completely painless for you.

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