Healthcare Webinar

Serverless Architecture for Healthcare: A Winning Combination to Scale Fast

Pravin Uttarwar

Pravin Uttarwar:

CTO & Co-Founder of Mindbowser, a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, & community builder with over 16 years of experience. He is passionate about helping companies establish remote tech teams & rapidly scale their operations. He employs innovative thinking to tackle challenges & consistently adds value to businesses through his technical expertise.

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What Is This Webinar About?

  • What is serverless architecture
  • Serverless core technology components.
  • Building blocks of serverless architecture.
  • Monolithic to microservices to function as a service.
  • Serverless reference architecture – AWS / GCP / Azure.
  • Multi-cloud with serverless architecture.
  • Serverless comparison with PaaS & containers.
  • Security of a serverless architecture.
  • Serverless monitoring.
  • Cost economics & business value with serverless.
  • Use cases of serverless architecture.
  • Serverless – advantages, limitations, & trends.

Who Can Benefit From This Webinar?

  • Software Development Teams.
  • CEOs & CTOs of Healthcare & Technology Companies.
  • People who are part of a Software Team.
  • Project & Product Managers.
  • Product Owner or Stakeholder for a healthcare project.

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