Saturday Learning Session

How to optimize the performance of your React Native app?

Ashok Kumbhar:

Ashok is a seasoned Information Technology professional with over 6 years of experience. His expertise spans both iOS Native and React-Native development. Ashok thrives on creating top-notch mobile applications, always striving for excellence through clean code and a commitment to staying current with industry advancements. His primary objective is to tackle complex projects, continuously hone his skills, and collaborate with dynamic teams to deliver innovative and user-friendly mobile solutions.

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Topics to be Covered

✔️ Introduction to React Native Performance
✔️ JS Code Optimization
✔️ Optimizing React-Native Components
✔️ Choosing Dependencies
✔️ Code Smells and Bugs
✔️ Memoization
✔️ Hermes
✔️ Performance Measuring Techniques

Who is this webinar for?

📌 React Native developers who want to enhance the performance of their apps
📌 App owners and product managers
📌 Testing professionals who want to understand performance testing and debugging in React Native
📌 Web developers interested in extending their skills to React Native development

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