Design Sprint Webinar

Learn All About Google’s Secret of Building Successful Products

Vishvajit Sande:

As the lead for UI/UX at Mindbowser Inc, he has successfully run the Google Design Sprint for the last 3 years. Vishvajit has rich experience working with 20+ startups to build their products. His strong leadership and design skills have made him a valuable asset to any project he works on.

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What All We’ve Covered In This Webinar?

  • A quick intro to design sprints.
  • Tips and tricks on how to run a design sprint.
  • How to run remote design sprints.
  • Facilitation secrets like how to keep control of the group
  • How to give clear instructions

Who Can Benefit From This Webinar?

  • Product Designers
  • UX / UI Designers
  • Product Managers
  • Innovation Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs & Executives

Mindbowser is excited to meet healthcare industry leaders and experts from across the globe. Join us from Feb 25th to 28th, 2024, at ViVE 2024 Los Angeles.

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