Data Science Webinar

How I Scraped Millions of Business Data Using Yelp?

Sandeep Natoo:

A certified, highly accurate Data Scientist is adept at collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large datasets, and developing new forecasting models. With 12+ years of experience building software products and juggling data, he possesses extensive analytical skills.

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What All We’ve Covered In This Webinar?

  • What is web scraping?
  • Scraper v/s Crawler
  • How is web scraping done?
  • Step-by-step data scraping example
  • Web scraping use cases
  • Web scraping process

Who Can Benefit From This Webinar?

  • People who are planning to start a business
  • People who want to learn about web scraping
  • Existing founder’s/entrepreneurs
  • People who are in the field of data science/looking to pursue a career in data science

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