Team Augmentation

Great teams are hard to come by. Every business is always looking for a great team that can be productive and well trained. A talented team of experts can enable businesses to unlock their potential. This is what we do. We are a super-specialized agency offering highly talented experts to augment your team and create solutions for your business problems.
Our augmented team of experts help 10X your business by enabling you to trim timelines, fine-tune the foundations of transformative platforms, and turn the tide on critical-path projects thus leading to needle-moving changes, and high impact returns.
Team augmentation is a plug and play engagement model that enables you to take advantage of talented experts without having the need to train or orient them. We provide are a ready-to-deploy team of global experts that you can use whenever and however you want.
Team augmentation is ideal for technology teams looking to extend their capabilities for a period of time to tackle a particular problem. It enables businesses to take advantage of offshore plug and play talent.
Augmented teams are best suited for medium to large scale businesses with established technology departments.



Access to offshore talent


Short Period of engagement


No Infrastructure costs


No Recruitment costs


Cost effective


Greater control




Immediate deployment

Businesses have a 50% faster time to market with Mindbowser’s Augmented team



Requirements/Need Discovery

Requirements discovery stage is where you tell your needs, expectations, and skill sets required in the resource(s). You can start by hiring 1 resource and scale up as per your need or you can start with a fully cross-functional team right away, it’s up to you.

Interview & Hire Developers

Once we have your requirements, our HR team will source, interview, and assess the right resource(s) for you, after which we will provide with a few highly capable candidates who would be a perfect fit for your requirement.

Start Working

Once you have chosen a resource or a team, we will supply them with complete infrastructure to carry out their work. We provide state of the art office, support, & maintenance infrastructure to the resource(s) to ensure optimal output. Resource(s) can also work in your time zone. We provide complete support during the onboarding process and help you with administrative work.

Ongoing support

Once your work is underway, we provide complete HR & administrative support by assigning a manager who will work alongside your developers and help you build a productive relationship with your augmented team. Our stringent data & security checks also make sure your data is secure with the help of control access systems.


ProofPilot is an American internet company with offices in New York City that maintains a research platform allowing users to design, manage, launch and participate in research studies. The software as a service product is described as a DIY (do it yourself) platform to run research studies like clinical trials, randomized controlled trials, and longitudinal outcome studies. Mindbowser set up the product development team for ProofPilot.