Features and Capabilities

Network Security

NeuVector helps secure network traffic between containers, allowing organizations to define and enforce network security policies based on container labels, IP addresses, and other metadata.

Container Firewall

NeuVector includes a container firewall that allows organizations to define and enforce security policies at the container level, helping to prevent unauthorized access to containerized applications.

Vulnerability Management

NeuVector includes a vulnerability scanner that identifies and resolves vulnerabilities in containerized applications.

Compliance Reporting

NeuVector provides compliance reporting capabilities to help organizations ensure that their containerized environments meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Security Policy Enforcement

NeuVector allows organizations to define and enforce security policies across their containerized environments, helping to ensure that security measures are consistently applied and enforced.

Continuous Security

NeuVector provides real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities that help organizations identify and respond to potential security threats.

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Advantages of Suse NeuVector

Suse NeuVector is a container security platform that provides security and compliance solutions for organizations running containers in production environments. There are several advantages to using Suse NeuVector for container security:

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