How to Implement Role Based Access Control in React.js?

In this article, we will explore how to implement Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in React apps to restrict user access to sensitive information and actions. RBAC involves assigning specific roles to users and granting permissions based on those roles, making your app more secure and user-friendly.

What is RBAC ?

RBAC is called Role Based Access Control and refers to giving authorization to users based on their access. In other words, suppose customers have access rights only to the information they need to order their products, view orders, and prevent them from accessing information that doesn’t pertain to them ex – Admin pages or Store owners pages.

What is a Protected Route in Reactjs?

A protected route is a HOC (Higher order component) that opens the URL (route) only when the user passes a test (Access Control).

Protected Route In Reactjs

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RBAC Integration

As per section 2 above, we have created a Higher Order Component for protected routes; Now, we can integrate that protected route component into our main routes file where we initialize routes.

So here in our routes file, we have imported all pages and components to render by given routes. As we can see here, we are using the ProtectedRoute component for the routes, which works as a higher-order component that matches the user roles and decides whether to redirect the user to the given route or not as per user permissions.

RBAC Integration 

Advantages of Role Based Access Control

  • Restricts users from accessing routes irrelevant to their roles or responsibilities.
  • Do not need any library to achieve the goal of restricting the routes to the user as per his role & permissions.
  • Easy & flexible to maintain.


In this article, we explored the implementation of role-based access control in a React application, including the creation of a higher order component for accessing role-based routes and redirecting users to an unauthorized page if they lack the necessary permissions.

If you’re looking to implement similar features in your React project, consider hiring skilled React JS developers to ensure a seamless and secure implementation.

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