Incorporate Python’s FastAPI to Revolutionize Your Project

Framework Introduction

FastAPI is the modern framework of Python there are many frameworks like Django, Flask but FastAPI is called a modem framework it has the feature of asynchronous programming which is still lacking in Django, so let’s see how FastAPI is going to make it easy for us.


  • Default Swagger UI Documentation
  • Automatic Documentation
  • Easily Ready for Production


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Install and Setup

Obviously, If we are using the Python framework then we need to install Python and make sure that you have Python 3.6+ installed actually must be installed and create a virtual environment and active, then create requirements.txt and add names of necessary libraries needed for us as following and install.

Installation of fast API

Then create a file in the project directory and import fast API then create an instance of FastAPI() and use that to run program.

Setup of FastAPI

So now our basic setup is done let’s start with CRUD Operation

Pydantic Schema

Pydantic is a FastAPI python library that is used to perform data validation, mostly used to convert data, and validate data so let’s start with it.

  1. Create a new Folder in the project
  2. Add file in that project
  3. Add Pydantic Schema for Users
  4. We are creating User so pydantic schema will be like that and likewise, you can create a different schema for ShowUser details, Login details etc.


fastapi Pydantic Schema


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Database Connection

FastAPI needs SqlAlchemy for database connection which supports DB like PostgreSQL , MySQL, SqlLite , Oracle , Microsoft SQL server etc. Here we are using PostgreSQL as python use ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for common pattern so lets start with DB connection.
You can checkout more details about SqlAlchemy

  1. Install sqlAlchemy
  2. Create new file in project or you can create new folder called db so we can add all configuration related to DB in that folder i.e db/
  3. Import necessary details like Database URL , engine from sqlAlchemy etc.

Create Model

Model is a single definitive source of our data , it contains different fields and behavior of fields we used when we store data , Each model is mapped with each table . As per our need to define models or tables , here i’m defining user model only you can add many more


Schemas is the one of a feature provided by FastAPI where we can define different for the same table to perform operation, as it manages our response data
Here I’m adding schemas for user creation and when we login user so as per need we can specify the fields in the schemas and these schemas we are using in the parameter of API.

CRUD Operations

As we know CRUD operations means create, update, delete, retrieve etc. Likewise are are also going to create all these API for doing operations, so let’s start with it
As we are already done with basic JWT authentication so with the help of we perform other operations

  • API call for get All List of users (GET Method)

  • API to get Specific details of the user by giving ID (GET Method)

  • API to update details (PATCH Method)

  • API to perform Delete Operation (DELETE Method)



FastAPI stands out as a powerful and efficient development framework for building high-performance web applications. Its combination of fast execution, easy-to-use API design, and automatic documentation generation make it an excellent choice for developers seeking speed, scalability, and productivity.

Additionally, its support for asynchronous programming and modern Python features further enhances its capabilities. By considering the specific requirements of your project and evaluating FastAPI’s features, you can confidently choose it as the perfect development framework to accelerate your application development and deliver exceptional results.

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