Start HIPAA Compliance the Right Way with Our Unique Approach

With our vast experience in healthcare software development, we can help you build your HIPAA-compliant software. We recognize the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in maintaining compliance with HIPAA standards while striving for enhanced data sharing. With this in mind, our team of skilled developers creates solutions that bridge the gap between innovation and compliance.

As a HIPAA-compliant software development company, we develop fully compliant solutions with how the data is stored and who can access it. We don’t just create compliant software; we prioritize secure data storage and strict access controls to protect sensitive information.

Our HIPAA Compliant Software Development Expertise

Protect your patients and their valuable medical information in a smarter way. Our HIPAA-compliant app development services in healthcare can overcome all inconveniences of security and privacy to deliver a superior medical care experience among doctors and patients.

Our team has a deep understanding of HIPAA regulations and their implications on healthcare software development. We ensure that your software adheres to the latest compliance standards. With a history of successful HIPAA-compliant software projects, we have the experience and knowledge to navigate the complexities of compliance while delivering innovative solutions.

Beyond compliance, we focus on enhancing your overall operational efficiency and patient care through technology. Our services contribute to improved workflows and patient experiences.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Services

HIPAA compliance software experts in Mindbowser can help companies take corrective actions and secure their data against an investigation.

  • Training
  • Risk Analysis
  • Advisory Services
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • External Perimeter Tests
  • Internal Assessments On The Exposited Data

Healthcare Compliance Program Services

We offer an effective healthcare program that protects companies from squandering, fraud, abuse, and possible liability areas.

  • Compliance Risk Management and Assessment
  • Compliance Program Productiveness Evaluations
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Claims Data Analysis

Assessments and Consulting

We deliver HIPAA compliance software development services that strengthen your healthcare compliance program and protect your organization from violations.

  • Advisory Services
  • System Assessment(Infra & Application)
  • Effectiveness Review
  • Assessment Report Generations

We Follow all the HIPAA Compliance Software Rules

HIPAA Privacy Rule

The primary goal of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is to safeguard patients’ sensitive health data by establishing guidelines that healthcare providers, health plans, and relevant entities must adhere to.

HIPAA Security Rule

The HIPAA Security Rule serves as a safeguard against the growing threats to digital health data, including cyberattacks, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

The HIPAA Breach Notification Rule has two objectives: to notify individuals of potential breaches and to ensure that covered entities quickly address and mitigate such breaches.

HIPAA Omnibus Rule

The main objective of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule is to enhance the current privacy and security measures for patients’ health data, particularly with the growing use of electronic health records .

Benefits of HIPAA Compliant App Development

Developing apps that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) offers numerous benefits, ensuring the security and privacy of patients’ sensitive health information. Here are some key advantages for choosing Mindbowser for HIPAA-compliant app development:

Benefits of HIPAA Compliant App Development | MindBowser
Benefits of HIPAA Compliant App Development | MindBowser

HIPAA Compliant Software Development Solutions From Mindbowser

Our specialized offerings make us a prominent player in the healthcare industry by providing effective HITECH-HIPAA compliant solutions.

App Strategy & Consulting
Web Application Firewall
App Strategy & Consulting
Multi-factor Authentication
App Strategy & Consulting
Intrusion Detection And Prevention
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting
File Integrity Monitoring
App Strategy & Consulting
Security Event Log Monitoring and Management

Check Out Our Successful HIPAA Compliant Solutions and How We Delighted Our Customers

Successfully we have executed many HIPAA-compliant mobile app development
projects for our esteemed clients

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2. How you can keep your data and business safe in a remote work environment?
3. How to simplify your HIPAA Compliance Program?
4. How to protect your business from breaches and fines?
And many more tips and tricks!

Tools and Technology

We can build a robust tech stack with third-party integrations and customizations that power your online telehealth businesses.

Amazon web services
authorize net
Postgre SQL
Google Maps

Build HIPAA Compliant Solution With Us

Why Choose Mindbowser for HIPAA Compliant Software Development?

Mindbowser has been a well-known HIPAA compliant software development service provider, who has led the industry by leveraging the power of healthcare solutions and empowered many leading pharma and healthcare companies worldwide. Our experienced and highly component team makes us the leading mHealth service provider.


Experience in working with top health labs and companies worldwide


15+ satisfied healthcare customers who rate us 10/10 for experience


Personnel working on healthcare projects are trained on compliance and handling of data


Healthcare domain experts with 20+ years of industry experience to lead the team


Partnerships within the healthcare ecosystem for solution accelerators
& access to APIs


ROI driven development plans assure value right from day one

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is HIPAA Important?

HIPAA strictly controls who has access to health data and even patients can decide who their data is shared with. HIPAA has helped the industry transition from paper records of patient health information to digital copies. This has enabled hospitals to streamline their administrative healthcare functions and improve the efficiency of their organization. But most importantly HIPAA has ensured that a patient’s healthcare information is protected.

HIPAA is extremely beneficial to patients as well. Without it, healthcare organizations would not be required to safeguard the patient’s healthcare information. The healthcare service providers would not have faced any repercussions even if sensitive health information was exposed or stolen.

I have little technical knowledge. Can I still build an app?

Why Not? We have the complete process to take your idea from just scribbling on a paper to a complete application. All you have to work on during this process is to participate in discussions, understand your users, get an advisory board, plan a launch strategy, get funded. During all of these things, you are not required to be technical at all.

In how much time can you provide a mobile app?

The time to build a fully functional web/mobile app is based on several factors. Customized designing work can take around 4-8 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity, user roles and platforms.

After that, the product development could go anywhere from 10-20 weeks, depending on the functionalities. We follow an agile methodology that allows us to deliver updates and review every 2-3 weeks. Also we have a demo day for all stakeholders once a month.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?

We provide you a technical project manager based out of the US or India to work directly alongside you. During the initial plan our CTO, VP of Engineering, and CEO are involved too. Once the project journey is planned, the project manager is your main point of contact with a well-established escalation procedure.

The project manager keeps you updated as per plan on all the development information as well as acts as your primary quality analyst as well.

Do you sign a NDA?

Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.

How do you guarantee code quality?

All our code goes through a quality audit and review by The reports are available in an easy-to-understand format as part of the sprint.

Can we get started with development in the next 24 hrs?

Yes, that is possible. That being said, we, of course, would require a proper plan and structure before we start. The sooner we can get through the nitty-gritty and KPIs for the engagement, we can get started.

What is required for the software to be HIPAA compliant?

Building HIPAA-compliant software should include measures such as access authorization with the appropriate user roles and permissions, regular backups, encryption, and constraints on physical access.

Does HIPAA apply to health apps?

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Personal Health Record (PHR) includes almost all health applications that collect user data including apps that track mental health, medications, and fitness.

To what extent are the HIPAA privacy policies used by HIPAA-compliant organizations customized for the application?

It depends. Most policy documents are standardized, so there’s not going to be a ton that needs to be customized. But you must figure out which policies apply specifically to your business model in light of your internal circumstances.  Read the detailed answer here.

How early should we designate a privacy compliance officer and HIPAA security officer?

As long as a compliance officer is described in one’s job description for an organization, then anyone in the company can work on ensuring a company meets its requirements for being HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Read the detailed answer here.

What minimum viable HIPAA setup is required before having a functional platform or being able to approach partners?

Before your business can be HIPAA compliant or roll out your platform, you need to be able to show that in conjunction with each of those requirements, you have documented a clear, good-faith effort in implementing those requirements. For instance, if risk analysis is one of the requirements, one needs to show that they have done that risk analysis. Read the detailed answer here.

What processes are required to enable health data visibility for health insurers in a HIPAA-compliant manner?

The process for deciding whether you’ve done enough is up to you and depends on your business area. The easiest way for most businesses would be to ensure data in their platform is encrypted simply. Another way is to ensure that any third-party hosting provider your business uses adheres to HIPAA guidelines. You may also wish to sign a Business Associate Agreement and meet additional security requirements. Read the detailed answer here.

To what extent do the HIPAA security safeguards differ from typical corporations with premise access restrictions and data encryptions?

HIPAA is just a convenient acronym that encompasses all the requirements or laws set forth by various federal and state governments to protect private health-related information, including a lot of medical data. Read the detailed answer here.

What are the steps of arranging a business associate agreement When it's not HIPAA compliant?

Look at the standard business associate agreement, and compare it to the one a vendor is asking you to sign if you find significant discrepancies, there might be an issue. Read the detailed answer here.

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