What we did:

iOS App / Android App / Web Backend

Expertise Required:


The youGOvi Idea:
Our client approached us when he saw the redundancy of the photos and video shared online. There was no perfect app which could make the correct use of it. Client being from an entertainment industry background, he procured an ingenious idea where all these photos and videos will be shared and viewed by people. People would vote for the most likeable photos and videos and one with the highest number of votes will be declared as the winner.
Initially, the idea was to share only the videos but the client thought of a wider prospect and found the same redundancy with the photos as well. So he asked us to create a model where people could upload both, photos and videos at the same time.

Project Synopsis

youGovi app allows you to upload videos & photos to compete for cash and prizes. Launch your creativity and upload to a competition with your own videos and photos using the in-app GOvi Cam and GOvi photo from your phone and compete to win. In addition,while you engage in youGOvi, you have chances to be an instant winner of prizes randomly issued several times of the day.
You can upload videos and photos, adjust the image brightness, crop the photos according to need and switch between featured tools at any time. You can share your videos or photos with the GOpic feature, a tool that lets you select any frame of a video, and send it to friends via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter.
The sharing of the photos makes it easier to invite others and get more votes.
youGOvi encourages watching and voting the uploads. You can also invite friends and families to participate in the Competitions to win prizes.
Our main goal was to create an app for the client which could give an easy platform to people to upload and share their videos across their network of friends and families and win prizes for the same.


Custom Analytics

Video Streaming

Push Messaging

Voting System

Report Abusive Content

Tournament Management

Game Plan

After the brief conversation with the client about youGOvi, we started developing the sketches. We always pride ourselves to build apps, which are user friendly with no complexity and great in designs. And we implied the same with youGOvi.


So we started with the pen and the paper. All the sketches we drew did not sink in our skins. We racked our already think – o – bruised heads to get the right form on the paper. And Eureka we got it. (Image) The sketches looked like a baby art but was way too complex to execute. “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”- Steve Jobs, and that was exactly what we felt. After finalising the sketches, we started putting some life into it. The client wanted the app to look very juvenile and shared his thoughts about the colors that he wanted.


Design thinking is the air we breath. We evolve the tiniest details into an engaging user experience. Our Brand-led design is more about adding brand and business value than creating an effective design. We cumulated the same, for creating the logo. We created the logo which will influence the Photo and video sharing and uplift the brand.
“We love sharing videos and photos and win prizes”, It was too much and too dark.
“We love sharing videos and photos and win prizes”, It was too much and too dark.
“We love sharing videos and photos and win prizes”, It was too much and too dark.


Video Filtering :

youGOvi gives option to user to apply cool filters on videos. But video processing comes with performance cost. Managing the performance was a challenging part.

Our Approach:

Video filtering is done by GPUImage framework. A third party open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing. As in the name, GPUImage uses GPU instead of CPU for display & processing applying filters and the performance of the GPU filtering is lot faster than an equivalent CPU-based filter.

Calculating Video Viewing Time

To calculate the ⅓ (watched) video duration time.

Our Approach:

youGOvi app has a constraint that user should watch video to its 1/3 duration to vote it as favourite. So calculating the video’s watched 1/3 duration was difficult. We had to add observers on all delegate methods of apple’s video player (MPMoviePlayerController). So that we can track video’s playback such as its playing or buffering or paused and also track user’s actives such as when user seek video forward or backward. Depending on all these scenarios we are calculating watched 1/3 duration of video.

Product Design & Features

Custom Analytics & Dashboard

We have developed custom business analytics for youGOvi. The dashboard provides these metrics like Total users, total videos, list of popular videos and many more.

Report Abusive Content

We have created a robust abusive content reporting system for youGOvi. The administrators can view the reported video from the dashboard, view report count of that video and can delete the video.

Push Notifications

youGOvi administrators can send messages to the users via push notifications.





Mindbowser & youGOvi LLC worked on an innovative idea to create an awesome mobile app that allows user to win cash prizes by sharing videos.