What Do Patients Really Want From Healthcare Mobile App?

In this era, where technology is continuously evolving, the medical sector has started to harness technology. This has allowed medicinal science to achieve a level of healthcare administration that was impossible in the past. In the healthcare sector, mobile applications have been performing an essential role for quite a while. Hospitals, doctors, patients, and even pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of this augmentation to provide peerless solutions.

Therefore, to ensure the best in medical aid and technological convenience, we at Mindbowser are endeavoring to conform with all of your healthcare needs. Mindbowser is an elite scientific health management solutions provider. We offer HIPAA Compliant technological solutions to healthcare technology companies and healthcare institutions alike. We have deep insight into HL7 and FHIR as well.

Why Us For Healthcare Mobile Application Development?

In the 21st century, healthcare mobile applications have revolutionized the way patients receive medical advisory as well as monitor their health conditions. Healthcare mobile applications have exponentially increased productivity in the field of medicinal sciences. Let us have a look at some numbers that reflect the rapid rate at which the mHealth market is growing. Statistics indicate that there are more than 84,000 mobile health applications available on the market.

Over the past decade, mHealth apps have gained widespread popularity and about 60% of all mobile device users have a mHealth app downloaded on their phone (Mobius). There are approximately 36 million hospital visits each year. With the use of mHealth apps, 11% of these visits can be avoided. This can save the healthcare industry about $45 billion each year (Hit Consultant).

The healthcare industry has understood the potential of mobile healthcare apps and more companies have started to develop such apps. The mobile healthcare app market is expected to reach $60 billion in the year 2020 (Statista).

Healthcare mobile application development is a rigorous and continuous process. The comprehensive designing of a healthcare application begins with choosing the perfect healthcare development company which can thoroughly understand and satisfy your requirements.

We at Mindbowser pay attention to detail and craft the absolute app to provide enhanced patient services and aid medical processes. The development process involves establishing telemedicine services to integrate cloud and IoT solutions in healthcare applications. Bearing in mind the complex health industry regulations and combining traditional healthcare environments with digital speed, Mindbowser’s mobile healthcare application development is flawless and guaranteed to deliver the very best.

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What Functions Are Patients Looking For In Our Applications?

Convenient Registration And Login

Accessibility is one of the cornerstones of Mindbowser’s foundation. We take numerous efforts to guarantee that this is reflected in our digital solutions. The initial stages of interaction with patients and doctors are registration and login. We ensure that the process is effortless when you are signing up.


A mobile application is useless if it is not functional. We make sure that our applications are more than adequate at satisfying any needs a patient may have. Some of these include:

  • Appointment scheduling and/or canceling
  • Online prescription availability
  • Record accessibility

Accurate Information Provision

Mindbowser guarantees that all the information generated by our applications consists of accurate data. This in turn enables patients to make appropriate decisions based upon the data uncovered.

The App Should Effortlessly Communicate With Hospital Staff & Doctors

We at Mindbowser believe that any application is destined to fail if a channel of appropriate communication is not established. We undertake numerous efforts to check that this problem is always addressed within our applications. Our applications create a collective platform where patients can easily connect and interact with doctors. Thus, our applications assure you to keep the patient’s interests in mind at all times.

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Advantages Of Healthcare Mobile App Developed By Mindbowser

Reduced Risks Of Diagnostic Errors

An incorrect diagnosis of a patient’s condition is the worst error a healthcare application can create. This has led to severe corporeal harm and even death. Our Healthcare mobile applications are equipped with intelligent diagnostic capabilities that can curtail the error rate and avert unnecessary trauma.

This feature isn’t limited to accurate diagnosis, Mindbowser also integrates additional features that help physicians to use mobile applications with cloud facilities to store patient records. Thus, errors anticipated from a poor deduction of a patient’s history or mixed/missing records can be minimized to a tremendous extent.

Guiding The Clinical Processes

The information produced by our applications provides an insight into the patient’s condition. This allows medical professionals to make critical clinical choices very easily. Studies have reported an increase in the appropriateness of diagnoses and treatment decisions when mobile devices were utilized for clinical decision making.

Remote Area Assistance

Our applications are a blessing to the people living in rural, far-flung areas that lack access to medical professionals. Our applications allow you to book your appointments with a doctor and purchase medicines online from the comfort of your home.

Educative For Curious People

Our applications not only help healthcare practitioners but can also provide detailed information about medical science. This allows the involvement of physical enthusiasts who are looking to expand their knowledge about bodily wellness.

Learn How Mindbowser Delivered A Telemedicine App Within 21 Days Of Engagement

App Development Workflow At Mindbowser

Our engineers develop mhealth apps for iOS and Android Mobile platforms using native as well as hybrid technologies. We have integrated apps with Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, and other hardware devices. We provide end-to-end healthcare app development solutions to simplify booking doctor’s appointments.


The abilities of mobile technology can be harnessed to reach out to a target audience en masse by creating a healthcare application that ensures a personalized and smooth experience for each user. Mindbowser offers innovative and cutting-edge healthcare application development services to deliver world-class results. Our team of highly-skilled healthcare application developers provides reliable assistance with impeccable return on investment.

We provide immaculate digital solutions that comply with international standards including HIPAA, FDA, HITECH, etc. With every product delivered, we aim to revolutionize the mHealth ecosystem with our proficiency and expertise. This is what makes Mindbowser a trusted name in the mHealth industry across the globe.

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