how mhealth is transfoming the patient care process?

By: Mindbowser Inc

Research highlights that more than 66% of patients are ready to adopt new technologies and mHealth into their treatment processes. Convenience is the driving factor behind this acceptance of virtual healthcare services.

Healthcare service providers are adopting the tech revolution

The Grand View Research mentions that in the year 2026, the mHealth market size globally will cross  USD 236.0 billion.

Current Scenario of mHealth

On the other hand, it’s forecasted that the mHealth market compound annual growth rate will increase by 44.7%.

The mHealth applications have the potential to break the geographical barriers.

mHealth is filling up some gaps like: – Easy way to Communicate with service providers – Get instant access to the patient record – Easy way to coordinate in post-discharge follow up

Let’s explore the benefits of using mobile devices and get an idea of how they are disrupting the healthcare domain:

Benefits of mHealth Applications

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Seamless Data Flow

Now Healthcare service providers have control over the medical information dispersion. They don’t need to worry about data misplaced like files and folders.

Increases Diagnostic Accuracy

Doctors and nurses can be accurate and descriptive essential notes without any error. Mobile applications can run automatic checks on prescriptions and decisions. As a result, prescription errors have gone down significantly.

Enhances Physician Efficiency

With the support of mobile devices, physicians can easily record patient data in their smartphones with minimal errors. That means physicians have their patient’s info at their fingertips.

Caters to Customizations

Mobile devices are breaking the location boundaries and simplify the communication processes. Doctors from different corners can communicate that has evolved healthcare service.

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