10 Growth Strategies For A Telehealth Platform

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Focus On Your Differentiator

Find what are the aspects where the satisfaction score is low with competitors and work on them.

Integrate With Things That Makes Life Easy For Users

Integration with different platform and automation in different areas for practitioners.

Think Of Growth Hacks That Will Lead You To More Practitioners Quickly

Add value and features that they can use, and keep them engaged and motivated to stay on the platform.


Think about the future trends and features that are still missing. Blending new technology with old concepts and vice-versa.

Make It Available In Low Latency/ Even Offline Mode

Have your video stream auto adjust with different internet bandwidth as well as available offline.

Own The Supply

Owning the supply can help you seed the platform with ample availability of supply right on day one.

Check Availability Of Underutilized Assets To Unlock Growth

Thinking on unconventional ways to find supply such as exploring an international pool of practitioners and patients.

Check For Changes Around Regulatory Reform

Global conditions and pandemics are disruptions that open up opportunities for innovation.

Cover Non-Conventional Domains

Going niche means you could have a chance to be a leader in that focused space and drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Community Based Growth

The community can help you build a loyal customer base as well as advocates for the brand.

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