About the client

The Arbiter Tech is a team of outstanding and marvelous product developers. With 15+ years of background in the development industry, they provide top in class hardware and software solutions to the customers. The Arbiter Tech team believes in prototyping and usability testing to ensure streamlined and custom tailored products.

Problem Statement

Arbiter Tech was looking for an experienced and innovative team to develop the companion application for one of their hardware projects. The companion app and the hardware had to be connected using BLE Connectivity. The equipment read the hygrometer and pressure values from the probes and displayed the readings on the partner app. The application and hardware had to work in harmony to create a perfect platform for monitoring and analysing the measurements.

Proposed Solution

At first, the client wanted to use standard Bluetooth connectivity to pair devices and display data accordingly. We formulated different scenarios to test the compatibility of hardware and software to figure out what features and benefits can be incorporated. This gave us valuable insights regarding the connectivity of the devices. We concluded that instead of connecting the devices using Bluetooth pairing method, broadcasting the data would be a better solution. Beacons provide better scalability and statistical diagnosis which helps to address issues promptly.

Technologies Involved

  • Operating System – iOS and Android
  • Database – SQLite
  • Login Database – AWS Cognito
  • BLE and Beacon Connectivity
  • Integration – Video Embedded


iOS and Android Application



Our Learnings

  • Designing an advanced and capable software which can handle all the hardware requirements
  • Technologies keep on evolving, ensuring that there is room for the further upgrade is necessary. Making the software and hardware capable of incorporating new features or functionalities is a must
  • For both hardware and software to work in harmony, synchronization between them is required


BLE Communication

One of the critical problems was to incorporate and align hardware and beacon with the companion app. The UI/UX of the application had to be perfect. UI/UX was optimized to efficiently display sensor measurements and data from one or several tools. The data is projected onto the application via BLE. Beacons needed to be working correctly to provide accurate measurements, hence we experimented with various beacons and hardware combinations.

Connecting Multiple Tools

The application provides a simplified way to connect multiple tools and present measurements appropriately. The other challenge was to manage and maintain data from the sensors. We kept a local database to manage the data from the sensors.

Database parsing and Data Calculation

Readings from the hardware are directed to the mobile application where an inbuilt system fetches formulae from the excel sheet and begin the calculation process to provide the final measurements.


Preset Threshold Limit

Most of the time it is observed that hardware fails due to overload or overuse in certain situations. To make sure that our product stays intact and function thoroughly, we incorporated a threshold limit in the product. If temperature or pressure exceeds the threshold limit, a pop-up is generated notifying the assigned personnel to take necessary actions.

Easy Onboarding

Along with the traditional email sign in option the app also supports Facebook and Google based login system. Even in case a new user skips the signin process, he is automatically notified after two weeks. Once registered one can make changes to the  profile and add details such as adding a phone number.

Unit Conversion

The application supports all the units used to denote temperature and pressure. Users can select in which unit they want data to be displayed.

Refrigerant Selection

Users can select the refrigerant directly from the application, making it easier for them to manage the tools.

Beacon Battery and Signal Strength

The app also provides details about beacon’s battery and signal strength. Battery and signal strength help the users to keep track of the beacon’s activity and determine when any beacon need servicing or repairing.

App Screenshots

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