What is Virtual Reality

If you are following current technology trends, you might be aware that Virtual Reality is now among the most cutting edge technologies of our generation. Majority of global companies are adopting to VR, startups and biggies alike. 
With VR, you can transport people to different environments and even augment an existing environment with new and useful information. VR offers an extremely immersive experience for the user by keeping him/her at the centre of everything and projecting the environment around him in a 3D-360 format. Be it 360 factory tours, 3D Games, treating patients or having an interactive session with your students, there is no limitation to what you can do with VR. With the rise of VR, many VR development companies have also started to ride the tide.
VR Development Companies

Industries We Serve 

Real Estate
We provide complete end to end solutions for VR and 360 content for real estate. Be it the Oculus Rift, The Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Day Dream VR, HTC Vive we support all platforms.
We empower you to provide 360 factory tours to your customers. You can virtually transport your customers to your factories and provide them the best possible experience.
We provide virtual reality solutions for better treatment of psychological disorders like OCD and other anxiety disorders. We consider this as our commitment to social causes.
We create interactive lessons for all courses where visualization can be a big help in terms of subject understanding. With VR, we help teachers and students to take the academic experience to the next level.

Why Us

VR Development Companies
As one of the most innovative VR development companies, we help you create whole new worlds for your users. We’ve an extensive experience of building engineering driven Virtual Reality solutions for many forward thinking companies and organizations.
We are helping companies from wide array industries to build world class VR solutions including Medical, Education, Engineering, Gaming, Filming, Mechanics, Sports etc. We focus on creating user-friendly solutions which can be used even by non tech savvy people. This stands us out among other VR development companies.
The most important fact in Virtual Reality is that you should create an impact that lasts even after the experience has ended. We focus on achieving exactly that. Our solutions support all major platforms like iOS, android, oculus, HTC Vive, etc.
Going one step ahead, we offer VR solutions which can even be viewed without headgears directly on any phone.This provides you a great never before available touch point to connect with customers.

Case Studies

VR Solution For A Global Leader In Pharma Packaging

Client is the world’s number 1 pharma packaging company with an annual revenue of 4000 crores. It has factories all over the world including Germany, France and the USA. Sometimes they find it hard to communicate standards they follow to the client, for whom visiting the factory may not be feasible. They were looking for a solution that will add value to the client as well as address the issue effectively. Upon consulting with stakeholders, VR emerged as the most suitable solution. So several VR development companies were called and upon verifying our capabilities, they decided to go ahead with us. 

Our solution

  1. Using VR, anybody across the world cab be transported to the factory of our client.
  2. We did a complete 360 shoot of the facility and created an interactive VR presentation.
  3. This not only covered the factory but all its USPs and showed the customer a detailed, interactive and informative factory tour.
  4. The customers after the experience, practically felt like they visited the real site which was on another continent.
  5. These devices were sent all over the world, pitching to clients on different continents and encouraging them to take the factory tour. 

VR Solution For A Manufacturer Of Automation Systems

We developed a tool to help our client with design approval process. With our tool, they can present customers with the design (Made in any software like Inventor, Catia, Solidedge etc) in 3D space to the actual dimensions to help them understand the design better and get quick feedbacks in order to reduce the delay in the approval process.

Our Solution – 

1. The object will be in a 3D space to the actual dimensions. Customer can rotate the object and get extremely detailed understanding of the size and scale of the object.

2. A person can get the information about the distance between their eyesight and the part they are looking at. This helps them understand the distances between objects in order to make the approval process efficient.

3. Customer can get the information about a particular object by pointing at that object. Which helps them understand the information (Information bubble) about that object in a VR space.

4. Customers can also hide parts they don’t want to view in order to understand any particular part or focus on to it.

5. The functionality also lets customers have a look at the perspective views or cut section views (Pre-defined cut section views) of the entire machine or the part or object they would want to choose.

VR Training Module Solution For An Engineering Company

For one of our client which is an industrial engineering company, we made the conventional training more effective using virtual reality. With the Oculus Rift and Touch controls user can actually operate the machines and with our software platform behind that, we can measure how effectively user has been able to learn. Training module is portable and cost effective solution to the current training format. Client chose us among other VR development companies and we proved their decision right.

Our Solution :

1. The current traditional modules and practices are subject to the required location, where as the virtual reality training module is portable, easy to use and scalable.

2. Updating of new training content made easy and much faster over current training module.

3. Client can now track the user performance in much better ways which wasn’t included in the any formats till date.

4. With virtual reality training and immersive engagement, users are learning much faster as there is gamification involved in the experiences.

5. This training module can be made available over cloud and all the training centers over the globe can view and modify it according to their demand.

6. Virtual reality training modules saved a lot of live machine training cost for the client

VR Development Companies