Vesica Sculpting An Engaging Travel Platform

The Client:

Vesica can be defined as an all in one solution of your travel needs. The state of the art app automatically pulls an itinerary, updates you on weather and gives you flight status updates. Vesica allows you to customize your profile for curated travel suggestions based on the places of travel. Vesica app enables you to track movements while seamlessly aggregating your travel habits as well as making sure that you never lose your luggage.

The Story Behind:

The clientele is an American luggage brand. Driven by their keen sense of fashion and necessity of technology, the client visioned that luggage should not merely be a traveler’s companion, but an extension of personality. Client’s mission is to encourage experience, to make a traveler’s adventure more profound, and reinvent the way people look at traveling. With the perfect blend of fashion-forward and technology-fueled solutions, client wanted to bring in the new, sophisticated, and function-first travel line of smart bags.

Problem Statement:

It has been observed that travelers often face issues around traveling, flight management, check-ins, etc. Client wanted to solve these problems by launching a luggage brand that is seamless with a traveler’s itinerary by building a tool that has everything in one place.

Proposed Solution:

To make things smarter and straightforward, it was decided that a dedicated companion app needs to be build which would complement the smart bags. The app should help the traveler get a consistent travel experience and not have to hassle between different apps as well as various aspects of travel from the real world. In order to achieve the goal, we initiated to do a Design Sprint for the product. The goal was to get expert inputs from the client and match it with inputs from our User experience team.

App Features:


Automated Data Entry


Real-Time Weather Updates


Flight Status And Airport Details


Curated Travel Suggestions


Connect Your Social Circle


Locate Vesica

Technologies Used:


Design Sprint:

Design Sprint is a process of answering the crucial business question through design, prototyping and testing ideas with the team. The questions answered in a design sprint session form the base for planning how the product or service should be laid out.
For the client, the idea was to dissect the project and build a road map for a well-rounded and perfectly structured application to satisfy user expectations as well as business needs. In order to define our objectives and end-goals, the whole session was clearly laid out and was divided into three main phases:

Define and Understand Phase:

This phase was all about brainstorming and debating ideas and app features. The primary goal of this session was to understand and comprehend client’s expectations, business goals, and objectives. After we got a crystal clear image of it, the next step was to decide on which features should be prioritized.

Diverge and Decide Phase:

After the initial discussion, we started building a technical story to get a clear picture of how all the pieces will work together technically. After brainstorming ideas from all the participants, we started with mapping the flow of the app and its functionalities. The link between features and their use was also established to get an idea of tentative flow. Together we created sketches for the significant screens keeping user personas at the center of everything. After that, participants were asked to explain their sketch and features, the sketch with the best design and features was selected. Now we had our final feature list and a clear roadmap for the app.

The Conclusion Phase:

Design Sprint helped us work our way through from having a vague idea about the app to the perfected design flow and application structure that would satisfy users expectations.
For the same, our business analyst Vishvajit held an in-person session with the client in Boston to run a quick Design Sprint with the client.
The Design Sprint didn’t just help us get the complete idea about the product; it helped the client discover and consider some aspects which were not thought of before.
We now knew what to build, what to eliminate and how all the pieces will work together. Most importantly, it brought the entire team on the same page before getting started with the actual development process.

App Screens:

Client Testimonial

Our Learnings

  • Building app for the travel domain

  • Using RXSwift to improve performance. Using RXSwift for calling multiple API’s and reducing the waiting time in the app.

  • Building a travel app with smart integrations for millennials.

  • Implementing Design Sprint to grasp multiple perspectives, clearly define the app structure and selecting the feature that will enhance the application.

Download the App: