What we did:

iOS App  / Web Backend

Expertise Required:


About Client :
Mark comes from the ocean of entrepreneurs. He works as a DSP at Yale University. Being part of Yale, Mark has seen many startups launch and succeed. URHere is his first venture on his journey to become his own boss.

Project Brief

URhere is a local search engine app with Bluetooth based notification marketing. It stands apart from other applications in the market, with its unique indoor positioning and navigation system.
The first phase of the application is built and is focused on help to handshake marketers and people who are looking for best services. With its tech hungry team, app has already plans for the next phase and has a huge potential to grow.

Problem Statement

When Mark approached to us, he had a very raw idea about the product he wanted to build. He was aware of enormous competition in the market of already existing apps, but he was also confident about the gap he could see in the market, which could be filled with appropriate solution.
While most of the applications similar to URHere app provide simple GPS based navigation, Mark had a clear vision of implementing the IPS (indoor navigation system), which would provide edge over other service providers. Not many applications existed that had implemented indoor navigation despite several attempts to provide solution.
There was a demand of statistical data and solution, which could lure small and medium scale businesses to enroll on the platform for paid service.
The first step for app to be successful was to have attractive designs and user engagement.


Mindbowser team studied the requirements as well as the current market and suggested few modifications in the requirement. These suggestions were based on necessity of the project. Mindbowser suggested to keep 3 layered structure for the project, where users can use the app, business owners can register their businesses using a user friendly web portal and admin can keep an eye on the whole platform and make necessary modifications when and where required.
Team researched extensively for the IPS requirement, but everytime found the cost of development and implementation being huge. There was no easy solution available. At last, we came accross Geometry Navigation services, which had created similar products, although not exactly what we intended. It took several technical meetings of both teams to agree to provide desired solution. Geometry’s services were customized to accommodate requirement of the application. The desired product was achieved with high accuracy of indoor positioning and navigation.
Mindbowser being experts in BLE based solutions, are aware of the endless opportunities that BLE based marketing solution can provide. The team created a detailed presentation for Mark to educate him about importance, scope and future possibilities of implementing BLE based marketing solution. The same became the base of Mark’s presentation to business owners.
BLE based proximity push notifications allowed businesses to interact with for users. Also the web portal provided them ability to view feedback of their business. There is a lot of statistical data that is made available for business owners. The team studied the pattern and implemented easy-to-read and easy-to-understand graphical representation of statistical reports.
Being a design oriented team with skilled designers, designing UX friendly designs is always our aim and URHere is no different. Everything started with detailed wireframing, color selection, icon creation and then finalizing each screen. The final set of designs were liked and accepted by users.

Branding & Design

Design thinking is the air we breath. We evolve the tiniest details into an engaging user experience. Our process creates a delicate balance between creating effective design and adding brand and business value.  We started with the pen and the paper, drew sketches, evaluated them and made changes. We repeated this process until we were satisfied with the UX. We then move to wireframes and repeated the process. After doing several iterations along with client and understanding the persona of the user, the screens were finalized.

Logo Design:

While designing the logo we decided to use elements that signify location. So we zeroed on location pin and fused with geofencing sign, show as two distinct color circles at the bottom of the pin.


Our client loves slim fonts and we were advised to include slim font in the branding. We decided to use two slim fonts and one bold font (Exo 2).

UI Design Process:

We focus on design sprint led development approach during app development and it start right from creating sketches and wireframes for the project.

Final Design:

After multiple iterations of wireframes and design we finalized the following design for the project.

Client Testimonial

“The idea of starting my own company started a few years ago. I always wanted to be my own boss. Through out my career I always helped others reach their goals, but I never attained the success that I felt that I deserved. I always felt my day in the sun will never come until I go at it alone. So in Bridgeport, CT I came up with the idea of developing my own mobile app. Many thought I was crazy for doing it because they didn’t think that I was a businessman, but in life the greatest reward you can receive is when you achieve when others doubt you. So I embarked on this journey and never looked back, and now with the project almost done I’m so happy that I did this. There are many people that go through life without taking a risk due to the fear of failure, but if you don’t take the risk you will never know if you can succeed.”
We felt happy that we are able to make someone turn into an entrepreneur.


Mark received “Innovative Business of the Year for his startup URHere” by Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce


Mindbowser & URHere worked on an innovative idea to create URHere that helps individuals find and navigate to places of interest both indoors or outdoors.