Tinder like app development solution

We build robust tech solutions to develop a tinder-like app that helps you run your dating business seamlessly.

Advanced Feature

Instant Notification

Any Tinder clone app will have an in-app notification alert facility. Users get instant alerts of their chat messages and likes.

Recent Visitors

Users can check the last visitors in their profile. And admin can check all the previous list of visitors instantly.


Subscribers can easily rewind and view their last swipe. Also, they can go back and view all the previous profiles they swiped.

Gender interest

We offer a facility to select your preferred gender interest and find suitable matches with this option.

Chat with matched profile

Users can enjoy seamless conversations with their matched profiles any time, anywhere.

Share App

All users can share their profiles via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.


Admin Features

Admin Dashboard

Our all-in-one admin dashboard is entirely responsive; it’s a highly interactive panel. It allows admin to control and check user activities in a single touch.

Secure Payment Authentication

Admin can get notification regarding all the payment processes.

Integrate Instagram

Admin has the power to integrate Instagram into the app. This option enables users to invite their Instagram friends, and it helps users to increase their matches.

Hide Adverts

Admin can hide advertisements for premium users. By enabling this hide adverts option, admin can enlist more premium users. Basically, it increases premium subscribers.
Users Features

Easy login Option

Users can quickly login with their valid id, or they can create a separate profile with a different ID.

Audio & Video Call

Our team has integrated Audio and high definition video calling features, which allow the user to maintain communication seamlessly.

Unlimited Matches

According to the users’ preference, our application shows unlimited matches in a minimum time frame.


Your Tinder app will allow users to swipe right or left to like and dislike a profile.

Block Users

If users find someone is annoying, they can block the profile permanently in a single click.

Image Share

With this app, users can share their stored images as well as live photos with the matches.

Location Filter

With the option like location filter, users can find perfect matches in their nearest areas. It shows profiles that are close to their location.

Share Profiles

We have integrated Tinder/OkCupid like an app that allows users to share their profile on Facebook, Insta, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Hide Profile

Users can hide their profiles for a certain time by paying a premium to the admin. With this feature, users can browse other profiles without showing their own identity.

Key benefits of Tinder Clone App

Distance-Based Matches

Dating apps like Tinder/OkCupid allow preferable distance-based matches for your users. This way, users get relevant profiles in their mentioned location.

Age-Based Matches

Users can easily search for new profiles by mentioning their age interest.

Like, Super like

Users can easily specify who drag their attention through like and super like.

Create a Group

Users can create a group and connect all their preferable profiles to communicate.

Reject profiles or Dislikes

You can reject or dislike profiles with whom you’re not interested.

How can you leverage your business with a Tinder Clone App development solution?

Tools and Technologies

Our in-house app development team uses a robust enterprise-grade tech stack to power your Tinder-like app dating business.

Our Tinder Like App

Explore our Friender app that is similar to the Tinder application.