About the client

The client is an accomplished pioneer who has an experience of over 30 + years in Management and leadership. He was at the apex position in many sectors such as Global Engineering/IFM Leader/Manufacturing Plant Leadership/Pharma and Chemical Industry etc. He is a mentor and an author of various leadership books. Aside from being a Thought Leader he also conducts life skill workshops for disadvantaged youth and lectures on professional development.

Problem Statement

The traditional method of matching a mentor to a mentee is no longer useful as it provides inferior results while transferring knowledge. Neither a technique nor process has been adopted which could leverage technology and deliver better outcomes. The client had a vision of building a global platform which would help people seeking mentorship to effortlessly connect with skilled personnel around the globe. Being anonymous is the core of the application, as many times the experts like to extend their help while staying anonymous.

Proposed Solution

To boost the process of transferring knowledge and facilitating virtual mentoring we came up with an idea of creating a new platform. The application Thirty2Give connects mentors and mentees with clear goals and under the purview of milestones.   How Thirty2Give Works Thirty2Give virtual mentoring facilitates pairing by generation, industry, expertise and global location through the internet. Mentee merely places a mentoring request and then from the available list of mentor he/she can select the mentor best suitable. As the name suggests, it is a 30 day time bound mentoring platform where mentor and mentee initiate a relationship and share information and knowledge with each other for the prescribed period.   Benefits Potential Heterogeneity – Thirty2Give provides mentee with the opportunity to select from a list of mentors based on various parameters. Filters can be applied to get a more accurate results. Mentee then can select the best suited mentor.30-day based Relationship – The application offers a 30 day arrangement between mentor and mentee. During these 30 days any party who feels displeased can terminate the request. Same way subscription can be extended for another 30 days.

Technologies Involved

  • Operating System – iOS and Android
  • Backend Server – AWS
  • Chat Functionality – Firebase
  • Integration – Dropbox and Google Drive


iOS and Android Application with Web Admin Panel


Education, Social Network

Our Learnings

  • Developing a platform for iOS and Android and incorporating with AWS server
  • Initiating deep Analysis to gather insights related to the platform

What thirty2igve offers

  • Global Involvement – Thirty2Give connects you with the experts from all around the world.
  • Redressing the Balance – By keeping Mentor anonymous Thirty2Give attempts to remove the effects of unconscious bias. This way learning can be optimized to be more engaging and fruitful.
  • Thriving Opportunity – It provides the perfect medium for the experts to share their expertise freely


Performance and Operational difficulties

In the beginning client wanted a responsive website instead of an application. To boost the performance and operational capability of the platform and incorporate the features like chat and file transferring which require minimum response time, the responsive website was switched with native iOS and Android app as they can handle such situations  with better response.

Match Making

The app revolves around the concept where one can choose the right mentor to gain knowledge. To make sure that mentee gets connected with the right mentor we added specific pivots to take input from the user on his need. Such inputs help in providing better filters and relevant search results.

Segregating features

We did A/B testing while deciding on features to make sure that only the right features make the cut. Testing with multiple features gave us profound insights regarding what will be best for the application. These insights were used to incorporate features like Scheduling meeting and filters used to filter mentors.


Separate Login for Mentor and Mentee

We incorporated different logins for both mentor and mentee. It may be possible that a certain someone is a mentor but also wants to learn something new and become a mentee. Separate logins allow one user to be both a mentee and a mentor. Mentee sends a request specifying why he/she needs mentoring and Mentor accepts.

Chat based Communication

Knowledge and information are shared over text. We made sure that the users can interact most effectively and efficiently. To make things more exciting and useful, we added two separate chat modes – Private and Group. Private chat is the basic one-on-one chat whereas, group chat is a little different. Mentor creates a group, and multiple mentees can join the group, allowing an indefinite flow of information. Chat tab provide text as well as file sharing option.

Offers In-App Purchases

The application allows 30-day session which can be bought directly from within the app. We also added the ability to make the subscription auto-renewable to ease the subscription process.

Calendar Invites

The app has inbuilt calendar invites that synchronizes with most of the popular calendars so that people do not have to go out of the conversation to send invite for meetings.

App Architecture


App Wireframes

App Screenshots

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