Our Healthcare Software Development Services

Mindbowser provides end-to-end healthcare software development services to care providers, pharmaceutical businesses, digital medical startups, and healthcare device manufacturers. To build healthcare solutions that will profit your business, we always put protection first, ensure care data interoperability, and use business best practices.

Telemedicine App Development Services

Telemedicine App Development Services means delivering care services to patients distant from their service providers. It refers to the interchange between providers and patients to give care using the best communication services and tools. And this improves the rising need for telemedicine application development.

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24 Hours Care Support
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Native Experiences
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Amazing UI/UX Design
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HIPAA Compliance
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Multiway Video Solution
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Video Consultation
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Online Scheduling
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Secure Messaging

EHR Integration Services

Mindbowser understands the significance of good EHR integration in healthcare software development because we comprehend clinical workflows. Whether filing information into your clinical approach, or pulling data,  an efficient, professional, and expert integration team can be an invaluable resource. We will work with you while healthcare software development to ensure your clinical systems are well-integrated with your documentation capabilities for a smooth and efficient workflow transition.

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Epic Integrations
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Cerner Integrations
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Redox Engine
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First Databank Integrations

mHealth/Web Applications

A mHealth/ Web Application is an application provided by a healthcare business to their patients. They can use these mHealth Applications to access self-service tools such as pay my bill, schedule an appointment, send a message to their provider, access my lab results, find a physician and view my medical records. Depending on the information collected in healthcare software development, mHealth apps can cover a wide spectrum of uses, comprising patient fitness and health management tools, and continuous and remote monitoring of patients.

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Medical Appointment Scheduling Apps
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mHealth Connectivity
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Medicine Ordering Apps
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Fitness Tracking Apps
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Telemedicine Apps
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Personal Health Record Apps
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Diet And Nutrition Tracking Apps
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Remote Monitoring App

Cloud Services

In healthcare software development, healthcare cloud services include Clinical Apps, Patient Apps, EHR Integration, Healthcare IoT, and Health Analytics. Patient-centric applications have become the main focus of the care delivery business. Cloud computing and its availability, internet-based assistance, and huge-data availability have changed the whole healthcare specialization and altered it into HealthcareTech.

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Cloud Migration Services
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Cloud Assessment
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Compliant Cloud Operations
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Managed Cloud Services

Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Solution

An experienced healthcare software development company, Mindbower can help you in developing efficient medical software of any complexity that will help you lead in healthcare services or will improve your quality of healthcare and augment patient satisfaction.

Digital Patient Experience

Digital patient experience allows organizations to interact with patients and consumers on different digital platforms. It enables the service through mobile devices, optimizing the healthcare software development. The digital healthcare experience fundamentally improves efficiency across the activities for both medical systems and providers. Patents opt for such tools for regular check-ups, price information and appointment scheduling.

Clinical Applications

The applications are designed to be optimized in medical situations and institutions like clinics, government hospitals and other organizations. The applications help analyze critical situations and access the under-developed regional hospitals and clinics. Also, help different rural and urban hospitals to develop the areas such as financial departments, care, managing operational functions and more.

Medical Workflow Management

The medical workflow management act as a center for all the patient data and ensure accuracy and up-to-date information to carry out informed healthcare decisions. It helps increase productivity and efficiency in the overall functional activities. Medical workflow aims to redefine the process and offer patients a good health experience. 

Achieving Healthcare Interoperability Through HL7 Standards

What Is This Video About?

  • What is interoperability?
  • Need for standards
  • What is HL7?
  • Using HL7 to solve healthcare interoperability
  • Various HL7 standards – V2, V3, CDA & FHIR
  • Use cases – V2/FHIR in action to solve interoperability cases

Check Out Our Successful Healthcare Solutions And How We Delighted Our Customers

Whether you require a great knowledge of your clients, the capability to identify new prospects, or drive excellent operating efficiencies, your capability to leverage information is crucial to secure decision-making and competitive benefit. The professionals at Mindbowser help our clients by creating healthcare software solutions that include unmatched information, advanced analytics, and creative technology to fuel good decision-making for ever-changing health results and improved company results. We offer end-to-end healthcare integration and consulting solutions to provide you have the information, technology, and analytics, you require for proper competitive benefit.

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Healthcare Software Development Process At Mindbowser

When it comes to software development for healthcare, we ensure that our projects are planned meticulously to start with. To achieve this, all of our projects go through a discovery phase known as a Design Sprint. For more than a decade, we have continually improved our development process. The core of our process is “Bringing Predictability to delivery and value scalability.” With CI/CD pipelines and automated code reviews, our customers enjoy faster feedback cycles and quicker reviews.

Here is our product development cycle at a glance

Project Management Process
Healthcare App Development Process | Mind Bowser

As A Healthcare Software Development Company, We Deliver A Wide Range Of Benefits To The Industry

Mindbowser is a reputed healthcare software solution company with clientele globally. For optimum effectiveness, we offer healthcare development that is modified to your company’s requirements. We have spent years cooperating with great healthcare services, including laboratories, clinics, and hospitals, to deliver outstanding outcomes and give several benefits. Not just to remain up, but also to keep a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace, every area must access modern technological refinements and real-time information in a secure setting. Building a technologically progressive workplace is appealing to the modern digital workforce. This is when Mindbowser’s healthcare software development services come into action. We develop a solution based on the recent technologies that will specifically meet your business demands and provide a seamless solution for your organization.


We can build a robust tech stack with third-party integrations and customizations that power your online healthcare businesses.


Mindbowser Is A Partner To 1UP Health Offering FHIR And HL7 Backed Solutions

Choose Mindbowser As Your Healthcare Development Partner

Our customers are believed in us always fulfilling the needs of their business, outcoming in the highest probable advantages. Our healthcare software development solutions are the selected partners. Not solely because of our elevated professionalism and trustworthy work process but also the reason of our excellent knowledge of the business language, which permits smooth transmission.


Healthcare domain experts with 20+ years of industry experience to lead the team

Domain Experts

Design Sprint based development which assures solutions are built around the end customer and are friendly to use


Deep experience into HL7 and FHIR


Integrated apps with Apple HealthKit, Fitbit and other hardware devices


Experience in integrating your solution with prominent EHR such as EPIC


Complementary dashboard to monitor logs, performance and security

360 degree service

One-click deployment process with automated code review


Understanding of GDPR, PCI etc compliances

Frequently Asked Questions

I have little technical knowledge. Can I still build an app?

Why Not? We have the complete process to take your idea from just scribbling on a paper to a complete application. All you have to work on during this process is to participate in discussions, understand your users, get an advisory board, plan a launch strategy, get funded. During all of these things, you are not required to be technical at all.

In how much time can you provide a mobile app?

The time to build a fully functional web/mobile app is based on several factors. Customized designing work can take around 4-8 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity, user roles, and platforms.

After that, the product development could go anywhere from 10-20 weeks, depending on the functionalities. We follow an agile methodology that allows us to deliver updates and review every 2-3 weeks. Also, we have a demo day for all stakeholders once a month.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?

We provide you a technical project manager based out of the US or India to work directly alongside you. During the initial plan our CTO, VP of Engineering, and CEO are involved too. Once the project journey is planned, the project manager is your main point of contact with a well-established escalation procedure.

The project manager keeps you updated as per plan on all the development information as well as acts as your primary quality analyst as well.

What does your development process looks like?

Our development process is based on the Agile Scrum methodology. We start by defining the project scope through Design Sprint and then divide the whole project into sprints that are further divided into milestones. Each sprint goes through a demo and customer UAT. You can read more about our process here

Do you sign a NDA?

Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.

How do you guarantee code quality?

All our code goes through a quality audit and review by CodeGrip.tech. The reports are available in an easy to understand format as part of the sprint.

Can we get started with development in the next 24 hrs?

Yes, that is possible. That being said, we, of course, would require a proper plan and structure before we start. The sooner we can get through the nitty-gritty and KPIs for the engagement, we can get started.

What are the healthcare development trends of 2022?

The Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Healthcare providers and patients can work efficiently, accurately, and safely thanks to the development of new technologies. Today, users can research healthcare options, obtain medical advice, and ask questions over the Internet whenever they like.

With the tech revolution, new trends in healthcare have emerged that no one could have imagined. The future will bring about favorable changes in healthcare as a result of present and developing technologies. The use of AI, MI, augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearable technologies will all become essential for medical care service providers to improve their performance.

Following are the healthcare development trends of 2022:

  • Cloud Computing in Healthcare
  • Telemedicine Software Development
  • Internet of Medical Things
  • Hybrid care models
  • AI in Healthcare
  • VR/AR in healthcare 
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Science
  • Blockchain in Healthcare
What are the benefits of software development for the healthcare industry?

Healthcare software development assists every healthcare organization to eliminate inefficiencies. This improves outcomes and prevents waste.

  • Managing the clinical workflow and optimizing day-to-day operations with medical practice management software is essential.
  • The electronic Health Record system is aligned to meet the huge demands of an extensive and diverse network of healthcare service providers.
  • Electronic prescribing is growing rapidly because it provides a secure healthcare solution including better Pharmacy Workflow, Enhances Patient Medication Adherence, increases Clinical Support for Providers, and Improves Patient Safety. 
  • Patients can get emergency medical help without visiting a doctor by using this app that combines several custom healthcare apps. 
  • With Healthcare CRM, professionals can share relevant information, which increases efficiency.
What is AI-enabled healthcare development?

The healthcare industry has witnessed the most significant growth in artificial intelligence (AI) over the last decade. Healthcare organizations utilize AI to deploy more impactful, efficient, and precise interventions to their patients, from diagnosis and risk assessment to treatment decisions. 

  • AI can be used by healthcare organizations to aggregate and analyze health data to actively identify and prevent care risk, close preventive care gaps, and evaluate how clinical, behavioral, and environmental factors influence the population.
  • Traditional workflows cannot identify risk as accurately and exponentially as machine learning algorithms. 
  • AI robotics has grown mature enough to produce surgical robots that can execute even the smallest movements perfectly.
  • In healthcare, AI can facilitate a digital infrastructure that can quickly diagnose symptoms and direct patients to the appropriate level of care and modality.
  • The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning can help administrators and clinical leaders to make better decisions.

Get in touch for a detailed discussion.

Hear From Our 100+ Customers

Mindbowser helped us build an awesome iOS app to bring balance to people’s lives.


We had very close go live timeline and MindBowser team got us live a month before.

Shaz Khan
CEO, BuyNow WorldWide

They were a very responsive team! Extremely easy to communicate and work with!

Kristen M.
Founder & CEO, TotTech

We’ve had very little-to-no hiccups at all—it’s been a really pleasurable experience.

Chacko Thomas
Co-Founder, TEAM8s

Mindbowser is one of the reasons that our app is successful. These guys have been a great team.

Dave Dubier
Founder & CEO, MangoMirror

Mindbowser was very helpful with explaining the development process and started quickly on the project.

Hieu Le
Executive Director of Product Development, Innovation Lab

The greatest benefit we got from Mindbowser is the expertise. Their team has developed apps in all different industries with all types of social proofs.

Alex Gobel
Co-Founder, Vesica

Mindbowser is professional, efficient and thorough. 

MacKenzie R
Consultant at XPRIZE

Very committed, they create beautiful apps and are very benevolent. They have brilliant Ideas.

Laurie Mastrogiani
Founder, S.T.A.R.S of Wellness

MindBowser was great; they listened to us a lot and helped us hone in on the actual idea of the app.” “They had put together fantastic wireframes for us.

Bennet Gillogly
Co-Founder, Flat Earth

They're very tech-savvy, yet humble.

Uma Nidmarty
CEO, GS Advisorate, Inc.

Ayush was responsive and paired me with the best team member possible, to complete my complex vision and project. Could not be happier.

Katie Taylor
Founder, Child Life On Call

As a founder of a budding start-up, it has been a great experience working with Mindbower Inc under Ayush's leadership for our online digital platform design and development activity.

Radhika Kotwal
Founder of Courtyardly

The team from Mindbowser stayed on task, asked the right questions, and completed the required tasks in a timely fashion! Strong work team!

Michael Wright
Chief Executive Officer, SDOH2Health LLC

They are focused, patient and; they are innovative. Please give them a shot if you are looking for someone to partner with, you can go along with Mindbowser.

David Cain
CEO, thirty2give

We are a small non-profit on a budget and they were able to deliver their work at our prescribed budgets. Their team always met their objectives and I'm very happy with the end result. Thank you, Mindbowser team!!

Bart Mendel
Founder, Mindworks

Mindbowser was easy to work with and hit the ground running, immediately feeling like part of our team.

George Hodulik
CEO, Stealth Startup, Ex-Google