Worked With An Insurance Benefits Startup To Augment Their Development Team And Accelerate The Development


The healthcare startup is transforming the American medical care process by introducing a global health network, on-demand healthcare solutions, price transparency, and a revolutionary billing system. Using technology, the redesigned health insurance plan protects consumers’ health and finances.

With simplified billing, minimal paperwork and easy to understand policy structure, the company drops health care costs for employer-sponsored healthcare plans by $5,000-$9,000 per employee (30-60%), reduce the time it takes providers to be paid from months to seconds, provide each patient access to their own 24/7 primary care doctor and to a telemedicine specialist within 7-10 days, and block 70-80% of medical fraud with the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

Mindbowser helped the company in setting up the payment flow and cloud infrastructure for the company

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