We Built a Cutting-edge Solution To Improve Fleet Efficiency


Managing a fleet is a business of narrow margin, given the vying nature of the market, the resources available, and the fact that fleet professionals are overloaded with data it is indeed a tough row to hoe. The client aims to put data to work – by integrating the data source into a user-friendly format and contextualizing by understanding the business and explaining the why behind the data to provide actionable data-driven insights that will transform the industry.

A mobile app was planned to be built in accordance with iOS and Android marketplaces, which will provide fleet managers with access to critical data. The mobile app can be utilized for engaging and consulting fleet managers within commercial vehicle fleet organizations, providing guidance around action needed, productivity, risk mitigation, and efficiency. We integrated a mobile web page deployment to mobile app overlay to save on cost and time for building the interface for multiple platforms.

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