Design Sprint
Design Sprint

A Virtual Mentorship Platform For Knowledge Seekers


Thirty2give is a global framework for transferring knowledge by forging a 30-day virtual relationship together in public and private chat rooms for the sole purpose of sharing expertise. The application connects mentors and mentees with clear goals and under the purview of milestones. Thirty2Give virtual mentoring facilitates pairing by generation, industry, expertise, and global location through the internet. Mentee merely places a mentoring request, and then from the available list of mentors, he/she can select the mentor best suitable.

The app revolves around the concept where one can choose the right mentor to gain knowledge. To ensure that the mentee gets connected with the right mentor, we added specific pivots to take input from the user on his need. We did A/B testing while deciding on features to make sure that only the right features make the cut. Also, we incorporated different logins for both mentor and mentee.

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