Loyalty Experience between Business and Customer

the brief

On-The-Houze is a growing promotion and marketing app for businesses. The app provides mind-blowing deals and offers on apparel, restaurant, travel, automotive and many more. So when On-The-Houze wanted to reach out to the customers in a more effective way, we jumped the chance in order to build something much more useful, satisfying and marvelous.The client came up with an idea to completely overhaul the existing app that they had been struggling with and start a new version with new design and engagement levels.
We went through On-The-Houze analytics and examined the way users interacted with the app and found that the users are not happy with the current state of the app. So we decided to take a step back and tried to understand what users really want, we asked ourselves few questions:
We quickly came to an understanding that users have varied interests and want something much more exciting and something innovative which would pique their interest. The result of these findings – a completely new and fascinating app.
1) What users like to do with the app?
2) How can we enhance the user experience?
3) What would excite them more?
What we did

Website – Angular JS


Socket Programming for Live Drafting

Technologies Involved

Usage of AWS

Native iOS development framework

Native Android development IDE

the blockades

The new app was to be launched in many different countries and regions, so the language barriers had to be dealt first. The new app comes with English, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish language support. The challenge was to provide Right-to-Left (RTL) optimization on Android OS and iOS for languages like  Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese and displaying content accordingly.
Another blockade we had to deal with was adding filter to the pay screen. Adding a filter to the pay screen made it easy for the users to handle transactions in the most effective and efficient way.
The other challenge was to provide a streamlined interface with attractive and informative icons and a clean layout to help users get the app easily and conveniently. This ensures convenient onboarding of the user.

Journey from old to new

To make the app more user-friendly we made a lot of changes in the app. Few notable changes are:

Increasing Customer Experience and switching from Hybrid to Native

Poor customer experience can make or break the success of the app. The previous version of the app was a Hybrid app, which had less than the ideal user experience with sub-par performance. One of the features required in the application was the ability to access user’s camera, GPS and address book to provide necessary and relevant offers to them. This was long delayed process using the Hybrid platform. To provide users with faster response time and enhance the customer experience we switched to the Native app.

Reduced Loading Time

The previous app used to take a lot of time to display content on the mobile screen. This was due to the large bytes of visual elements so, we used image compression technique to counter this problem. We reduced the loading time to the minimum and made sure that the content is displayed at the lightning fast speed. There were lag issues in the previous version, this was mainly because everytime user used to switch from one screen to another within the application the content had to be loaded separately – we eliminated the lagging problem completely from the app by keeping server requests to the minimum.

Switching to AWS Cloud

The old version was held on the physical servers, which made the management of data difficult. Switching to AWS provided us with many option to manage the data flow. Using AWS Cloud we were able to get rid of backend dependency for media, now the application does not need to fetch the whole data – boosting the speed of the app. Also at times when the number of users exceeds the amount server can handle, AWS Cloud creates its own server to manage the extra load.

Web-Portal Upgradtion

We redesigned and created a robust web-portal with a set of functions and procedures to data parameter of media to accompany the new app. In the previous version, there were no presets to determine the attributes for data and images size this caused images to seem distorted and out of their place. We made changes and added the attributes and filters to show relevant content.

Payment API added

Considering that the previous app was not much of a success because of the difficulty faced by the users while making payments, so to counter the payment problem we added a payment API to the application.

Multiple Login Methods

To make onboarding the app easy for the users we gave them multiple options to login i.e. they can select any option from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram.

Super Agent Login Mode

We didn’t turn a blind eye to the Agents who will be providing the coupons to the consumer. To make their work easier and manageable we provided them with many functionalities like:
Ability to keep a track of the scanned coupons
Made it easy for them to invite new users to the On-The-Houze app
Agents can keep track of the invites, who have accepted and who haven’t
Agents can send coupons and keep track of active and inactive coupons

third-party integrations

QR code scanner

In the partner app, we integrated libraries which helps the merchant to scan the QR code generated by the user.

SMS integration

We integrated the app with SMS functionality to make sure that users can share the coupons with their friends and family. We used a simple phone number and one-time password (OTP)-based login.

Map Integration

To make sure that the users are able to find the location of their favorite places and navigate to the same we integrated in-build Google, Uber and Waze maps in the app.

Contact Screen Integration

We integrated the app with the ability to handle multiple contacts for the users. For example if a person has 4 contacts saved in his phone and none of them is registered on OnTheHouze, the application will automatically show a pop-up giving user the idea to choose one of those contact to add and enjoy the full benefits of the application.

Push Notifications

We made sure that no important notification goes unnoticed. Whenever a user gets a coupon we notify him/her of push services.

app screenshots