Managed Product Delivery

Expert oversight and holistic management of curated solutions, customized to your business problems and needs. State of the art solution delivery managed by a team of experts ensuring maximum impact while appropriating risk & management at your end.
Self governing teams without any management headache will enable you to work on other aspects of your business. Managed product delivery is a, what you see is what you get, model of engagement where your product is managed and delivered by our team of experts.
We have managed 1000+ project for various businesses across multiple industries and geographies. We come with 8+ years of experience of doing just one thing, delivering products for businesses like you and we are pretty damn good at it.
Our 100+ strong team of experts follow industry standard practices, in fact, our team has created most of the best practices out there so you can rest assured that your product will be delivered on time & in an optimal state.
Managed product delivery is best suited for founders and entrepreneurs without much technical expertise but are looking to build technology products.
In this model of engagement, Mindbowser acts as your team with technology heads driving the complete process & delivering final output



No Expertise required


Financial simplicity


Zero Management


Freedom from headache


Clarity of Deliverables

All products delivered by Mindbowser come with the guarantee of Codegrip



Requirements Discovery

Requirements discovery stage is where you tell us about your product needs & expectations. Here we present you with a catalogue of world class features for your product. You just have to choose & we’ll get it done for you.

SRS & Kickoff

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our project management team will create a road map for your product. Upon creation of a road map we will document everything and kick off the project.

Weekly Reporting

Once your project is underway, our project managers would present you with weekly updates on your project & would report every milestone achievement so you are up-to-date on your project’s progress.


Upon completion of your product, we do multiple regression, unit, & user tests to ensure that your product is optimized. We also have a proprietary code benchmarking tool that ensure highly reliable code every single time.

Delivery & Maintenance

Once your product is tested & ready to go live, we provide holistic support & maintenance for your product.


ProofPilot is an American internet company with offices in New York City that maintains a research platform allowing users to design, manage, launch and participate in research studies. The software as a service product is described as a DIY (do it yourself) platform to run research studies like clinical trials, randomized controlled trials, and longitudinal outcome studies. Mindbowser set up the product development team for ProofPilot.