What we did:

iOS App  / Web Backend

About LifeList:
Have you ever made a to-do list, but felt perplexed… wondering how in the world you could possibly get all those things done? Or gone to bed feeling like a failure, because you didn’t accomplish anything on your list? Then this gorgeous application is for you, to take away all your blues.
The LifeList iOS App is going to change that all. The majority of your day is taken up with regular “daily activities.” Things like working, cleaning, cooking, family stuff. These things really should be on your list! You should check off every one of those regular daily activities- and feel accomplished!

About the client

Mandi Felici is happily married and mother of two. She is artist, creator and amatuer chef. Two years back she rediscovered herself and started learning about mindfulness and power of thoughts. She started her own venture ‘Mantra Mama’, aiming to spread words to lead better life of people. Two years deep, she is ambassador spreading mantras and teaching people how to use those to lead people achieve big dreams. She loves teaching people to organise themselves and lead better life. ‘The LifeList App’ is latest addition to her portfolio, she intend to spread this to make other housewives lead a better life.

Problem Statement

→ With several of the ‘To-Do’ applications already available in the market, none of these are actually perfect solution for the daily chores of a house wives.
→ Even if housewives download random ‘To-Do’ app from app store, they are clueless of how that app can be used efficiently to micro-manage their daily chores along with some priority tasks.
→ There are no easy targets set, to be completed everyday.
→ Lists of several smaller tasks make it extremely complex to manage all tasks.


→ We made this application specially targeting, although not restricting to, housewives. Application was designed to be easily understood by housewives and putting all features handy.
→ Most of the common daily chores were pre listed in the application, providing clear direction for housewives on what can be managed and how it can be managed. Users are allowed to make addition to this already existing list. Tasks can be prioritized, to make sure that no important thing will be missed by the user.
→ When the application is downloaded and opened for the first time by user, user is asked to set a clear goal for number of tasks she wants to complete everyday. This goal can be revisited and revised from settings screen within the application.
→ Several smaller tasks are combined to make groups of these tasks. These groups can be managed, added and removed easily. Beautiful UI of the application makes it even easier to manage all these stuffs.

Significant Features:

→ Create to do list and manage it group wise.
→ Assign date for important event and get reminded on the day.
→ Prioritize your tasks as ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ (‘High’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’ respectively)
→ Easily separate weekday or weekend tasks
→ Easily switch between completed tasks and tasks which are pending.
→ Rearrange your list, to reflect it on daily list, with simple one click and drag.
→ See previously completed weekly activities by selecting history and then date from Side Menu.