Jayu Rewards is a BLE based next generation digital rewards system

What we did:

iOS App / Android App / Web Backend

Expertise Required:

BLE / Location / Payments / Proximity / Geofencing / m-commerce

The Project:
Jayu Rewards is a simple loyalty program that provides a point-based reward platform on mobile devices. Customers seamlessly engage with a business’ reward program through Bluetooth beacons when they visit they store, increasing their participation rate. Small businesses face significant problems when engaging customers of the current generation. Digital tools and services are expensive, time-intensive, and complicated. In addition, customers are generally not enticed by a business’ incentives, regardless of the digital tool.

The Requirements

Jayu Rewards, wanted to build next generation reward system which would replace traditional cards and QR codes. They wanted a solution in which the user do not have to swipe a card or scan a QR code. The points collecting system should be automated and simple to use. We at MindBowser, designed the solution based on new Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Custom Analytics

Easy Deployment

Proximity Messaging


Proximity Computation

Beacon Management

Working with beacons

Bluetooth low energy beacons are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness. By integrating these beacon’s SDK, apps on your smartphone are able to understand their proximity to nearby locations and objects, recognizing their type, ownership, approximate location, temperature and motion. We use this data to build a new generation of magical mobile apps that connect the real world to your smart device.

Kontakt.io Beacons

The Kontakt.io Cloud Beacon has the ability to change the configuration of each beacon from a central location, and can turn beacons to a “Power Sleep” mode when there is less traffic, extending the battery life up to four years. The Cloud Beacon also makes beacons more secure, randomizing each beacon’s unique identifier to prevent hijacking of a beacon network by a third party.


When the client first came to us with his requirements, it was evident that we had to use next generation Bluetooth Low Energy technology beacons. After doing thorough BLE product comparison we decided to choose kontakt.io beacons. We have written complex algorithms to compute the proximity of the app user from the beacon. This helped to target user more accurately who are in store or are near the store. We implemented proximity messaging which allows store owners to send a welcome message to customers when they visit the store, advise them, and interact with them in context based on predetermined triggers.
The business requirement of the application was to enable the user who visit the store to collect points. The store owner decides when and how many points to be award. Suppose, an apparel store has a new winter collection and want to promote it by attracting more customers towards that section. In this case, store owner can keep a beacons in that section. When a customer walks into that section he will be automatically rewarded with the points. Customer does not even need to open the app for receiving points. Everything happens in the background.
How to accurately measure distance of user from beacon?
We have written complex algorithms to compute the proximity the app user from the beacon. We take multiple values and calculate the average of these values (distance). The average value is the final value of distance.

Product Design & Features

Feature :

When a user visits a Jayu Partnered shop he gets points on arrival. The main aim of Jayu is to increase engagement in brick and mortar store and make loyalty points collection easy. Following image shows how user gets points for visiting the store.

Beacon Configuration

Jayu Partnered merchants can configure their in-store beacon’s time interval for getting points on arrival. They can also set expiration time for in-store offers push to users.


We have developed custom business analytics for Jayu Rewards. Jayu Partnered stores get rich insights about performance of Jayu Beacons, Rewards redemption, users profiles etc.

Rewards & Promotions

When a user visits a Jayu Partnered shop he gets point on arrival. The main aim of Jayu is to increase engagement in the brick & mortar store and make loyalty points collecting easy.

The Result

Mindbowser & Jayu Rewards worked on an innovative idea to create an awesome mobile app that allows user to earn rewards at your favorite places.