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What is HR Tech?

HR technology is an umbrella term for a solution and associated hardware for automating the human resources function in organizations. It includes employee payroll & compensation, workforce analytics, administration management, talent acquisition and management, and benefits administration.

HR tech service helps to make better, faster-hiring decisions. Such software may include an applicant tracking system to manage the hiring process. These tools can benefit your company by sharpening its hiring process and ensuring you are hiring the right applicant for the right positions.

Technology Offerings From Mindbowser

Here are the top six trends and advancements that our experts assumed to see in human resources technology.

RPA in HR tech

RPA In HR Tech

HR Tech recognizes Robotic process automation as a toolset to improve the way businesses function, leaving tedious, repetitive, iterative tasks for bots and building opportunities for efficiently leveraging the workforce.

Cloud-based solution in HR Tech

Cloud-based Solution In HR Tech

Cloud-based HR Tech solutions enable an increasingly remote and gig-economy workforce distributed over the world. With these cloud solutions, HR can make better decisions to improve employees’ recruitment, retention, and performance.

ML in HR tech

ML In HR Tech

Machine learning becomes an imperative part of human resources. It removes extra loads and allows HR employees to focus on other important tasks. We can say that the innovation of ML brings a better and secure future to the human resource world.

Mobile Applications in HR Tech

Mobile Applications In HR Tech

Mobile phone apps offer companies the ability for online learning, improve productivity and provide efficient employee management, eases corporate communication, better payroll management, performance management validation, and many more.

AI Adoption in HR tech

AI Adoption In HR Tech

AI algorithms transform traditional human resources practices — from management to engagement to people recruitment. Applying AI algorithms can automate repetitive tasks. AI-powered HR tools can facilitate easy access to curated data and visualization, making insight-driven, strategic thinking a lot more manageable.

Data Science In HR Tech

Data Science In HR Tech

Before data analysis and scrapping has come to the rescue; HR arranged data in a semi-automated manner. It is necessary to gather, store, and process data in a suitable process. Most importantly, it needs to be done in a short period because all the data can quickly become inappropriate as the situation is changing, and the data requires updating.

From Concept To Launch, Everything Meticulously Planned For You

At Mindbowser, we conceptualize ideas backed with UX research and run Design Sprint sessions with our customers. Once the user flow and features are finalized, we move into development, testing, and release. Here is our complete HR Tech software development process in the picture.

Mindbowser Process
Mindbowser Process

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Advantages Of Digital Transformation In The Human Resource Era

Technological advancements have changed every aspect of our lives; it is not surprising that it has a significant impact on the human resource field. New tech improvements have changed the traditional process we followed with our employees and evaluated the employee performance. HR Tech software development services do so by making the HR department more systematic, organized, and efficient.

It comes with many benefits, such as

  • Automated recruitment and hiring processes
  • Talent analytics
  • Enhanced recruitment apps
  • Mobile workforce integration apps
  • Boost your employees’ performances and capabilities
  • Customized alerts and pay rules improve oversight and compliance

We Empower Your HR Tech Software With Different Technologies And 3rd Party Integrations

Data Science

Data science solutions can work with your proprietary data and integrate it into your workflow. Additionally, all data is worked under secure access and stringent NDAs.

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RPA Services

Provide the most extensive portfolio of automation services with RPA technology for background checks and real credit, utility management, lease management, real estate data automation, among many.

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Data Analytics Consulting Services

Data analytics consulting solutions help customers identify and obtain the most valuable and meaningful insights from the data, and turn them all into competitive advantages.

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Why Mindbowser For HR Tech Platform

Mindbowser we help you build technology solutions around Human resources. HR Tech is an industry poised for disruption and this creates enormous opportunities for founders and corporations alike. Whether you are building solutions for internal teams or for the world, Mindbowser can help.

Here are some more reasons to consider us for HR tech software development-


Experience building highly scalable solutions in HR tech

solution accelerators

Complete in-house team with designers, developers, and testers

In-house experts

Experience with HCM practices

360 degree service

Understanding of GDPR, PCI, etc compliances


Team for advanced technologies such as RPA and Data Science that can help build your data strategy


Complementary dashboard to monitor logs, performance and security

domain experts

One-click deployment process with automated code review

Framework Agnostic

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