HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Our HIPAA-HITECH solutions can secure your healthcare business and protect patient health information and other sensitive medical data without any hassle.

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Hipaa Compliance Takes Care of Your Valuable Information

Protect your patients and their valuable medical information in a smarter way. Our compliance solutions in healthcare can overcome all inconvenience of security and privacy to deliver superior medical care experience among doctors and patients.

HIPAA Privacy & Security Services

HIPAA compliance experts in Mindbowser can help companies take corrective actions and secure their data against an investigation.
  • Training
  • Risk Analysis
  • Advisory Services
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing

Healthcare Compliance Program Services

We offer an effective healthcare program that protects companies from squander, fraud, abuse, and possible liability areas.
  • Compliance Risk Management and Assessment
  • Compliance Program Productiveness Evaluations
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Claims Data Analysis

Assessments and Consulting

We deliver Hitech-HIPAA compliance solutions that strengthen your healthcare compliance program and cover your organization from violations.
  • Advisory Services
  • System Assessment
  • Effectiveness Review

While you fight at the front, we cover you on the technology front. Mindbowser offers free cloud credits worth 25000 USD to companies building products for Healthcare.

Success Stories of Healthcare Compliance

Successfully we have executed many HIPAA compliance projects for our esteem clients.


A leading medical devices company specializing in the design, supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems reached out to Mindbowser to help them in building end-to-end mobility solutions that allows their sales team to easily understand clients’ requirements and provide on the spot product configuration.


A US-based telemedicine solution provider was looking for a team to develop a free, simple, and secure telemedicine solution that can break all the geographical barriers and allow healthcare providers to offer the best care solutions to their patients outside the clinical setting. With an accelerated development offering, Mindbowser delivered the required features within 21 days of engagement. This was a shot in the arm for the team’s release plans.

We Follow All The HIPAA Compliance Rules

Enhancing privacy and data security

HIPAA Privacy Rule

This is the rule that sets the national standards for a patient’s rights to PHI. Some of the standards covered by the rule include a patient’s rights to access PHI and health care provider’s rights to deny access to PHI. However, the HIPAA privacy rule only applies to covered entities and not business entities.
HIPAA Security Rule

HIPAA Security Rule

The HIPAA Security Rule sets the national standards for security, transmission, and handling of ePHI. This rule outlines the criteria for the safety of ePHI. These standards include physical, administrative, and technical safeguards that health organizations must have in place.
Enabling service providers to enhance efficiency

HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

This rule covers the standards that covered entities, and business associates must follow in the event of a PHI or ePHI data breach. It requires organizations to report all breaches. The specific protocols for reporting depend on the type of breach.
HIPAA Omnibus Rule

HIPAA Omnibus Rule

This rule was amended to the HIPAA regulation to extend the application of HIPAA to business associates, in addition to covered entities. This rule mandates that business associates must be HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA checklist

HIPAA has changed. Learn all about HIPAA and the recent changes in the light of COVID-19

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HIPAA Compliant Solutions from Mindbowser

Our specialized offerings make us a prominent player in the healthcare industry by providing effective Hitech-HIPAA compliant solutions.
Web application firewall
Multi-factor authentication
Intrusion detection and prevention
File integrity monitoring
Security event log monitoring and management


Hipaa Solutions Makes Healthcare Exchange Secure!
HIPAA Benefits

Our Other Solutions

mhealth Applications

To design and develop a healthcare application that works perfectly looks well, and has sustainability can be a challenging work for healthcare service providers.

IoT In Healthcare

Our IoT solutions offer clinicians, hospitals, and pharmacies secure medical care infrastructure and allow them to deliver superior care services to the patient.

Healthcare Cloud

Simplify your healthcare journey with our guidance, deployment support, for AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and other considerable cloud platforms.

Telemedicine App

We can help you develop a smart application that helps patients to schedule on-demand doctor appointments, access real-time health data with a single click.

Tools & Technologies

Our healthcare solutions are built on robust tech stacks with third-party integrations and customizations building scalability and compliance from day one.
postgre sql
google maps
amazon web services

Build Healthcare Compliance Solution With Us

Our healthcare app development features can effectively protect your healthcare data and all shareable details.

Why Choose Mindbowser for HITECH-HIPAA Compliant Solutions

Mindbowser has been a well-known healthcare technology provider working with top pharma and healthcare companies from throughout the world. With years of experience and a highly competent team, Mindbowser remains at the forefront of technology and HIPAA compliance. Mindbowser provides full compliance support and guides you through the process to make sure that your software is state of the art and fully in line with the government regulations.